Top Inversion Tables for Back Pain Reviewed 

By  Sofia

There is a lot of evidence that Inversion tables help with back pain (see our article) and much more - if you have ongoing back pain this is great solution.

So, what's the best inversion table to buy?

We've taken a good hard look at assorted inversion tables, considering the pros and cons of each. And now, after conducting our research, we present you with our list of the three best inversion tables for lower back pain.

Things to look for when choosing an inversion table

When shopping for an inversion table, look for a device with quality parts, good workmanship, and an excellent safety record. Make sure the product you're considered has proper certification, indicating that it has passed certain vital safety tests.

Additionally, you'll have to consider the following features, which vary by product:


How difficult is assembly? Will you need any special tools? Are the instructions easy to understand? Are there online resources available for help with assembly?

Inversion surface: 

Do you want an upholstered unit or one that deliberately lacks padding? Upholstered units tend to be more comfortable, but more rigid surfaces might result in more effective decompression of the spine.


Are accessories such as acupressure nodes and lumbar bridges important to you? Accessories such as these tend to offer more targeted pain relief. Others, like water bottle holders, are merely for convenience.

Hand grips: 

Does the unit you're considering have good hand grips so you can ensure proper body alignment on the platform and better control of the unit? Some inversion tables offer a combination of small padded hand grips and larger handle bars to ensure maximum control.

Foot holds: 

Are the foot holds secure yet comfortable? Are they adjustable to accommodate people with larger and smaller feet and ankles? If you will have multiple users, this might be an important consideration.


Does the unit fold up for convenient storage between uses? This might be crucial if you live in a smaller space.

Iron Man Gravity

Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table


  • Memory Foam Back
    Very thick memory foam back for extra comfort
  • Heavy Duty Table
    Extra Wide strong frame and can support up to 350 pounds
  • Full 180 degree Inversion
  • Palm Activated Locking system.       Makes safe and smooth transitions


  • Large when folded
    Large space taken up when folded.
  • Release Lever
    Release lever is a bit short and can be hard to reach
  • Lacks some instructions
    The height setting instructions are not clear - so you need to experiment to get it right. Not a big issue.


A good option for larger people, the Ironman is built well, easy to adjust, and priced right.

Exerpeutic 975SL

Unmatched Comfort Inversion Table


  • Excellent Instructions
    Very easy assembly, so your inversion experience gets off to a good start
  • Well Padded table.                     Which increases comfort along the length of the spineFull 180 degree Inversion
  • iControl brake system offers unlimited settings, so the table can be locked at your preferred angle smooth transitions


  • Heavy
    Not easy to move.
  • Locking Mechanism 
    Locking mechanism is down by the ankles can be tricky to use.
  • More Costly 


Sturdy, well-designed and easy to assemble, the Exerpeutic 975SL is a strong table with some nice features

Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest and Excellent Value


  • Excellent Value
    Very easily the most affordable option
  • Assembly is a breeze                    Which increases  you experience of getting going
  • Lighter Weight
    More compact and easier to move.


  • Ankle Support
    Ankle support is less comfortable than other models.


Even though this is a lighter model it is still sturdy and well designed.

What's the bottom line when it comes to inversion tables?

Based on our extensive research, we highly recommend the IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table. We think it's the clear winner in terms of craftsmanship, comfort, and functionality.

The IRONMAN Gravity gets excellent reports in terms of assembly, the unit functions smoothly and predictably, and the unit is adjustable to accommodate larger individuals. If you have multiple users of various heights and weights, this is likely an important consideration.

Although there are cheaper inversion tables on the market, given all the positive feedback we've seen and the numerous outstanding benefits, we believe the IRONMAN is an awesome deal for the price.


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