Rick Ross Weight Loss 

By  Jim Ken

"My fitness goal is just staying alive, staying healthy, watching my kids grow up."

That is how Rick Ross explained why he decided to lose weight despite how hard it is.

A Much Leaner and Healthier Rick Ross Explains How He Controls His Weight Now

After suffering from multiple seizures, the Aston Martin hitmaker began his weight loss journey by a series of exercises every week and a healthy meal plan. 

In this article, we will take a look at how did Rick Ross lose weight. 

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How did Rick Ross lose weight?

The rapper's figure has been slimming down over the past couple of months since he has been doing the CrossFit fitness program and lost over 74 lbs over time.

Ever since he has been into the CrossFit program, he's always been open about his weight loss and giving an update on how he has been doing. 

In an interview with ABC News, Rick Ross revealed how he shed nearly a 100-pound weight loss.

"Two years ago I suffered two seizures," the rapper revealed. "I really need to re-evaluate what I am doing."

And so from that day onwards, he made drastic lifestyle changes.

He did a modified CrossFit that has a combination with high-intensity workouts. 

A CrossFit workout can be done by someone who is just starting or people who have trained for years. It is usually done in different workout steps and by considering your age and the level of fitness. 

These are some of its movements to be followed:

  • the windshield wiper
  • the rope climb
  • the butterfly pull up
  • the power clean and split jerk
  • the L-sit on rings
  • toes-to-bar modifications
  • the kipping chest-to-bar pull-up
  • pistol variations
  • heel tap progression
  • the Zercher squat
  • running modifications
  • the strict toes-to-rings
  • the strict chest-to-bar pull-up
  • the hang clean and push jerk
  • modified sit-up 
  • muscle snatch
  • the hang power clean and push jerk
  • the kipping toes-to-bar
  • rope climb modifications
  • L-sit drills

What does Rick Ross eat?

Over the last few years, Rick Ross has shown great changes in his physique which made him reveal that his switch to a healthy lifestyle brings so much advantage to his weight loss journey.

Now, he usually eats salad, kale casserole, salmon, ore soups, protein-rich food, fruit plates, especially pears, all of which have been planned together with his personal chef.

Additionally, he has gotten rid of his unhealthy lifestyle. One of which is staying up late until 4 AM and eat his favorite 24-ounce stake with glasses of soda. Added to that are his night outs at Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, and Red Lobster.

However, his diet isn't that depriving at all, unlike other celebrity weight loss. He still eats his favorite Wingstop, a Dallas-based chicken-chain he's invested in over the years. He spends most of his cheat days there between noon time for two to three days a week.

“It's still all about the pears...The rest of it is me enjoying whatever it is I love. And I love wings," the rapper told First We Feast.

Is Rick Ross diabetic?

Nope. Rick Ross is not diabetic at all. However, after suffering from two seizures, his doctor broke it down for him saying that he is hypertensive, which is a phase under high blood pressure. It was then concluded that his love for soda was one of the reasons why he has gotten into a "very expensive doctor's office."

And now that he has gone down to 200 pounds, he spoke about it in Men's Health Magazine saying that he doesn't just feel lighter in weight but also in life. 

"I'm happy," Ross said. "I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places."

But after all the intense exercises and a healthy diet, it is still about balance to him.

“I wanted to balance myself but still enjoy the things I love so if I lost weight one year, the next year it wouldn’t be right back on me," Ross said in ABC News.

He further added about his weight loss, "You know, I try to throw in healthy snacks in between the meals. That was really my trick, and slowing down the heavy meals as it got later in the day. So, during the day I get up early. 2 o’clock, I feel I could do what I want, eat what I want. But as it gets 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, I’m really shutting down for the day. Maybe at 9 or 10, I will eat a salad versus 2 in the morning being in the studio eating steaks, prime rib, and everything else. And that’s what I had to change.”

His advice to everyone who is trying to lose some weight is to not make it as a job rather, do it as something that you will enjoy in the long run.

How much does Rick Ross?

William Leonard Roberts II is also known as Rick Ross is an American rapper and entrepreneur who has an estimated net worth of $40 million, and considered one of the richest rappers worldwide.

He is the founder of Maybach Music Group, a record label that released Rick Ross's multiple albums since 209. Some of its awarded albums are:

  • Port of Miami (2006)
  • Trilla (2008)
  • Teflon Don (2010)
  • Ashes to Ashes (2011)
  • Rich Forever (2012)
  • Mastermind (2014)
  • Black Market (2015)
  • Black Dollar (2015)
  • Rather You Than Me (2017)

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