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Want to Sleep on a natural organic mattress

Your bed should be a refuge from daily worries and stress. But if you've got a conventional mattress, your sleep experience might not be as healthy or satisfying as it could be.

The wrong mattress can cause or contribute to a host of health and wellness problems, including back and neck pain, headaches, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Fortunately, the folks who created the Happsy latex organic mattress understand all of this. They set out to build a better mattress, one that's in sync with your healthy lifestyle and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Not only is this and affordable organic mattress but we think it is one of the best organic mattresses around.

What is also worth noting is Happsy check, and certify that all the material and suppliers they use not only have organic material but also have sustainable business practices.

Read on to see how a Happsy cotton organic mattress can improve your sleep and affect your quality of life for the good.

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Mattress Organic - Comfort and Support

First and foremost, Happsy mattresses are designed for maximum comfort and support.

According to WebMd, mattresses that are either too soft or too firm won't provide adequate support for the spine, especially in the neck and lower back regions. Insufficient spinal support can lead to or exacerbate pain and discomfort throughout the body.

To avoid the problems associated with mattresses that are "too soft" or "too firm," Happsy uses a system of individually pocketed springs in combination with an organic latex sleep surface.

The result is an an organic mattress that offers superb medium to firm support, proper contouring, and gentle pressure point relief.

Happsy's combination of pocketed springs and organic latex also greatly reduces motion transfer, so you and your partner will sleep more soundly.

With a conventional mattress, when one of you shifts or rolls over in bed, the energy produced by that motion can travel throughout the mattress. With a Happsy latex organic mattress, that energy is absorbed locally.

It is also one of the best organic mattresses for side sleepers - because of the combination of a latex sleep surface and individual pocket springs.

Organic Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Air Flow and Temperature Control

Unlike conventional mattresses, Happsy mattresses are constructed from natural materials that promote air flow and offer superior temperature control.

Conventional foam mattresses are constructed from petrochemical foams that prevent, rather than enhance, air flow. As a result, foam mattresses tend to hold in heat, including the heat produced by your own body. That can translate into an uncomfortably warm sleep experience.

In contrast, Happsy mattresses are made of soft, fluffy moisture-wicking wool, which stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Furthermore, the organic latex surface of every Happsy has built-in channels that promote a continuous flow of air.

organic cotton mattress

Less Chemical Exposure

Every Happsy cotton organic mattress is produced from natural, rather than chemical-based, materials. If you're trying to reduce your family's overall exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, that's an important consideration. Here's a case where "less is more." Less chemical exposure means less risk of illness and disease.

During sleep, your body heat can trigger the release of a small amount of chemicals from your mattress. These gaseous chemicals, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), come from polyurethane foam, as well as from certain chemicals found in flame retardants and plastics. There might not be much risk associated with short-term exposure to VOCs, but long-term exposure could up the risk of developing certain cancers.

Happsy organic mattresses are free of potentially harmful chemicals, including polyurethane, flame retardants, glues, and adhesives. That translates into a safer sleep experience and possibly a healthier future.

Is a Happsy Organic Mattress for You?

If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, you might want to consider the quality of your sleep surface. Happsy swaps the petrochemicals that are found in standard foam mattresses for eco-friendly, all-natural, certified-organic materials. For many thrilled customers, that means a cooler, more comfortable sleep environment.

You can also get a range of sizes from twin, full, queen all the way through to an organic full mattress.

Having an organic hybrid mattress like the Happsy gives all the advantages. 

By switching up to a Happsy, many users have also gained the peace of mind that comes from reducing their overall chemical exposure. If that's something you value, Happsy might be for you.

Happsy Organic Mattress - Buyers Comments

  • I have had my mattress now about a month, and I really like it! Soooo much better than my old one. I have a sleep tracker, and it says my sleep quality has gone up the past couple of weeks. Not sure there's a direct connection, but I think so!
  • I tend to sleep hot and find that the Happsy mattress is very comfortable throughout the night. I am not experiencing the same level of heat I used to feel in the middle of the night, making for a more relaxing night's sleep.


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