Noom vs WW I lost 20 pounds and kept the wieght off 

By  Sofia

Noom vs WW review 2021

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After considering both WW and Noom - I chose one. I share my research of the two programs and my results

I started this program in August last year and I was able to reach my goal of losing 20+ pounds back in January!!

  • I was nervous
  • I was even afraid because it was a lot of money for me
  • But I overcame that fear 
  • the fear of spending my money
  • the fear of failing at my diet again


but wow I have done it and it was worth every penny - because I have kept the weight off until now!!!

 - It was an investment in myself - and I love the results.

The key is TAKE ACTION 

Weight Watchers vs Noom

Which one is better WW or Noom to get to your goals.

Did you make a plan to lose weight - how long did you think it would take and did you think you would put all your lost weight back on. These are common thoughts and questions people ask about losing pounds.

One of the first things I would like to point out is that reaching fitness, wellness and weight goals is a year-round effort.

Actually it really is a lifestyle change a permanent one, at least if you want to keep the pounds off.  To do this you need tools both WW and Noom have great tools and that is why I am going to compare Noom vs WW two of the most well known programs.

Life as we know it -  everything is on our iphone or android now, and a quick internet search will bring up a many apps that claim to help if you want to lose weight, get better health etc.

Do your research first before you download any of these apps.  

Lets start with the weight -loss program called Weight Watchers or WW now. It is a transition for an older Weight Watchers name - many would say it has already made the move to the internet. In doing so it has undergone some rebranding also - a while ago Weight Watchers was well known and it has rebranded to WW.

What has changed with WW is that it is now putting more of a focus on health and wellness rather than just dieting alone - this is clear if you read their promotional material - but has it really made the transition?

Recently Noom has started to make a splash in this industry and the good branding kind of gives it a modern feel.

Many people tend to think of it as the weight reduction app for the younger generations but it is not only for them!

 if you're considering WW or Noom for your dieting and fitness goals, here's what you need to know. 

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) 

This really is a legacy system which is probably not fair - but it has been around for so long it just easily fits into this mind set.

So even though WW is a newer name it has been established for decades.

How WW Works

The program has very good documentation and it assigns points to foods and recipes. 

Depending on your age or if you are a man or a woman etc a certain amount of points are allocated for your day.  Once you grasp the system the good thing is you now longer need to count calories - just make sure you keep to your daily point allowance.

WW has an app that allows you to search for foods or scan barcodes -- much much easier than tracking manually, like you had to in the past. 

The whole WW system revolves around the daily points you have available to use.  At the end of the day you can check you did achieve your goals. The next day the process repeats with a new number for the next day. 

So to make this work each day you'll track breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks every day.  The system works with a Monday through Sunday tracking calendar.  You do get a little leeway with some extra weekly points in case you have a bad day! (We all do)

A good thing is that you can also log any exercise or activity which helps with the points. I have not tried it - but the app can sync with your Fitbit and track weight changes. Also they have a good variety of  WW recipes you can use.

On the app you can look up WW-friendly restaurants.

WW now offers three different plans to choose from:





Less Zero Point Foods

Medium quantity of zero point foods

Most Zero Point Foods

Daily Points Budget




Number of Zero Point Foods

100 plus

200 plus

300 plus

Food example of Zero Points

Only fruits and non starchy vegetables

Includes Corn, Peas, Eggs, Lean Chicken, Turkey. Fish etc

Includes Green and Blue plus potatoes, brown rice, oats and many more


Offers the smallest group of food that has zero points. However the daily plan has the largest budget of points. The zero point foods list is limited to fruits and non-starchy vegetables. This plan will appear quite familiar to WW members who did the program some years ago. 



This is the plan that was formerly named the Freestyle plan.  It is now positioned as the middle plan. It has a lower daily points allowance of SmartPoints. In addition to fruits and non-starchy vegetables, this plan has some starchy vegetables like corn and peas. You can also have skinless chicken, turkey breast, eggs, fish and shellfish, beans and legumes, nonfat plain yogurt, tofu,  tempeh to the zero point food list. 


Working with this plan, you’ll want to add some of the zero point foods into your meals that you plan. This will give you a moderate daily points budget to use on other foods.



Affords the largest group of zero point foods, but it has the smallest daily points budget.  In addition to all the zero point food categories offered on the Blue plan, the Purple plan adds potatoes, whole wheat pasta and certain veggie pastas, brown rice, oats, and other grains like barley and quinoa zero point foods list. 


If you choose this plan, you’ll build your meals around the longer list of zero point foods, and have a smaller daily points budget to spend on other foods.

NOOM Review

This is a really exciting newcomer.

And I should say this is what I used!  

Complete the Program
5% + body weight lost
Keep Weight off > 1year
Feel a Success

You have most likely seen ads for Noom show up on various media, portraying itself as 'a smarter way to lose weight,' but not a diet.

Surprisingly Noom has actually been around for approximately 10 years.  

A Core focus of NOOM is consistency and accountability. These are actually two core attributes that can cause any goal to fail and not surprisingly these are two things that can make or break your health, fitness and weight goals. 

When you sign up for Noom, you first go through some broad goals online. 

What this does is  personalized weight loss plan which is available through their Noom phone app.The creators of the app claim that it really helps people reach their personal weight goals.  The Noom app inddtion to providing personalized diet plans also gives access to a health coach.

It lets users record their diet and exercise habits, plus for me the kicker is it permits them to also discuss their weight loss journey on Noom’s social platform.

You're also assigned a coach. This coach will be in touch with you (message) every few days to see how your progress is. 

A great feature is that you can set up the app to alert you if it appears you may start to fail in your plan.  A good example is you can set up a warning that if the app has not been accessed that day. Also that warning will prompt the coach to get in touch.

In Noom you track your day's food in terms of breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and an evening snack. There is a little bit of intelligence in the system because if you want - after you eat breakfast it will advise you what time to have a snack and lunch. This is estimated to let you feel maximum fullness and also to keep your metabolism at its best. I also like the noom food list and recipes.

Noom provides a daily checklist with selected articles to read and quizzes about health, food, fitness and nutrition. You can also save recipes, articles and other information to refer back to later. 

What do you eat on Noom

Green Class Foods - Example most fruits and vegetables

Yellow Class - Example Lean meat like chicken breast.

Red Class - Process Foods

Does Noom Count Calories?

Noom does count them, but also gives you a noom food list where it sorts food into red, yellow and green. Red foods are more processed, yellows are usually meats and dairy. Green foods are fruits and veggies.  The app provides assistance in selecting more 'nutrient-dense' foods for you to eat - which I like.  This means those foods with fewer calories but are more filling. [See at Noom ADD] 

What I really like about Noom is if you can follow it - long term behavioural changes can occur. These lead to long term sustainable weight loss and that is what we are all after.

Furthermore research shows it can work. A study published online from the BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care states that 36 of 43 overweight or obese adults who completed six months of the program lost an average of 15.45 pounds (lbs), or 7.5 percent of their body weight.

This is huge because even a loss of 5 percent will offer good benefits to key metric like blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How much does Noom Cost?

A monthly plan starts at around $59 - it depends how long you need the program - I feel that you need around 6 months. Remembering that it really takes 3 months to form a new habbit - and that is what you want so you keep the weight off for good.  I took 6 months.


Both can work if you are motivated. I like that fact that Noom focuses on providing you information and support about the causes of being overweight.  It them goes on to help you with tools that will create a sustainable Noom weight loss diet.  And most importantly if you adopted the fundamentals you can keep the weight off, and not have it come back on as so many of us do.

Lastly Noom is slightly more expensive - but it is an all in one price - all the extras are included and if you are like me you need those extras to lose weight and keep it off.

We also have an Ultimate Weight Loss Guide


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