Top 10 Detox Ideas 

By  Sofia

Top 10 Detox Ideas For Mind and Body in 2020

Whether through what you eat and drink, or because of the smoky or polluted locations that you may find yourself in, you unwittingly subject your body to a lot of undesirable substances, many of which can be regarded as poisonous. Maybe not poisonous in the sense that they are fatal, but over time these toxins definitely do cause harm. So it is worth considering these new years detox ideas, these are just some - there are really hundreds of ways to cleanse your body.

One of the most recommended and increasingly popular ways to combat all the nasties that invade you is to detox the body. To be fair, your body is normally quite effective at detoxing itself, but if you want to help ensure it does so to the max, there are many ways you can do so. There are actually hundreds of ways, which can make it confusing, so to give you a clear guide, we are going to look at the top 10 detox ideas that will help you create a new year detox plan for your body in 2020.

1. Fasting

This is somewhat controversial and not recommended for everyone, but when done correctly it is highly effective at cleansing your body of many harmful toxins. Prior to doing so, you must ensure you know exactly what you are doing in terms of taking on sufficient hydration, so please educate yourself first on how fasting should be done safely. If you have any medical condition you most certainly should consult your physician prior to starting a fast.  Also a top selling author Jason Fung has great book.

2. Inversion

If you are unsure what we mean by inversion it literally means suspending or moving your body so that your feet are up in the air, and your head is closer to the floor. This can be done in many ways such as a simple handstand with your feet leaning against the wall. If you have access to a gym, they may have an apparatus you can use such as suspended rings, where you can invert yourself upside down, while holding the rings.

There are also special Inversion tables - never seen one - they look kinda interesting this is a popular brand name "Teeter" - see here - quite an appropriate brand name.

The reason inversion is known to promote detox is it reverses gravity in relation to how your body normally experiences it and so your cardiovascular system is pumping blood in reverse to how it normally does. This has been scientifically shown to create a stimulus for your lymphatic system, and also promote the purification of your blood.

Further, the theory also indicates being upside down eases the pressure of gravity on your nerves and the disks in your spine You use it to temporarily create more space between vertebrae.

You can use these tables to relieve:

  • Back Pain
  • Tense muscles, even spasms.
  • Sciatica pain
  • Kidney stones

Note: Inversion therapy is deemed unsafe for people with certain conditions. The upside-down position increases blood pressure and decreases your heart rate. You MUST speak to your medical professional before undertaking this detox.

Lemon oil

3. Essential Oils

To explain how and why each individual essential oil can help with detoxification would take a book, so we are not even going to try to do it in just a paragraph (see our essential oil guide). Suffice to say that many essential oils applied topically to the skin, sprayed within a room, or in some cases ingested, have antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which help your body to detox


4. Sweat More (Perspire for the Ladies)

Sweating might just feel like something you do when exercising to primarily help your body regulate its temperature, but it does more than that. When you perspire, lots of toxins are removed from your body within your sweat, especially metal toxins. You do not even have to exercise, as a nice relaxing sauna or steam bath will have you sweating or perspiring sufficiently to detox.

5. Take a Detox Bath

Just as many toxins enter your body via the pores of your skin, they can also be ejected from your body via those very same pores. There are many ways this can be done, but one of the most enjoyable is by having a long and relaxing soak in a detox bath. The key to this is what you add to the water, with each 'ingredient' offering a specific detox benefit.

First are the essential oils we previously mentioned, and for this bath, you want to add 4 drops of geranium, juniper and eucalyptus essential oils. These are especially known for their detoxing properties. Next, you'll add a tablespoon of ground ginger, whose role is to heat up your body temperature to encourage perspiration, which we've already discussed.


We also have a post on a green tea detox bath.

6. Drink Green Tea

Just like essential oils, the vast variety of flavors of green tea are too immense to cover them all here. All you need to know is that green tea is one of the most effective drinks at helping your body to detox. The beauty of green tea is, that as there are so many flavors, you can combine them, or brew them, so that your tea tastes exactly as you like it.

tongue cleaner scraping

7. Tongue Scraping

No, it's not a new Olympic sport but is actually a very simple, and effective way, of removing bacteria from your body. You would be shocked to see just how many bacteria and toxins accumulate on your tongue from what you eat, drink, and when you breathe in via your mouth. Scraping your tongue helps get rid of them, and this means your body doesn't have to. The other benefits are it supports your dental health and it helps your breath stay fresh too. 

8. Reduce Your Salt Intake

Make a vow that for the next 12 months you are going to reduce the amount of salt you add to your food, and also try choosing low-salt options when possible. Salt causes your body to retain excess fluid, and this can negatively impact on the efficient functioning of your liver and kidneys. Bear in mind these organs are essential to your body's ability to rid itself of toxins. 

Even if you love salty food at least try to reduce your intake a little but then also increase the amount of water you drink. The water will help flush the excess fluid the salt creates, out of your body


9. Take Stretch Breaks and Take up Yoga

Anything that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing faster around your body will help you to detox. That does not necessarily mean jogging around the parking in the morning or going to the gym after work, although it's great if you do. Instead, taking a few minutes each hour to really stretch your arms, legs and neck muscles. If you want to learn more about doing this look for yoga courses that focus on stretching. One of the best online yoga courses is from Bulldog Online Yoga - they are currently one of the most popular.

10. Detox Your Home

The environment in which you live plays a huge role in the number of toxins that enter your body, and as you spend a great deal of the day at home, there's no better place to start than there. Switching to natural cleaners, instead of chemical ones, increasing the number of plants you have in your home, purchasing air purifiers and using essential oil sprays are just a few ways your home can be a healthier place to live.


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