Best Natural Home Remedies For Roaches 

By  Sofia

Best Natural Home Remedies for Cockroaches

How do I get rid of roaches fast?

If you have an infestation or even if you have seen one run across the floor – you will want a choice of cockroach killer home remedies you can act on fast!

Cockroaches are hard to kill or get rid of. These bugs look scary, move fast and are known to sometimes carry nasty bacteria.  I just hate roaches skittering across the floor and then hiding somewhere I can not get them!!

I have looked at some of the pest control products you can buy from the supermarket or hardware store. If you read the label, the list of compounds used is really scary. They can cause harm in humans and are toxic for pets. Some are known to cause cancer, and often leave a nasty smell in the room where they are used.

I always try to keep my house free of these nasty chemicals, and luckily there are a good number of natural ways to get rid of cockroaches quickly.  The other good thing about these is that they can prevent and keep your home free from cockroaches once you have got rid of them

Tip: Cockroach Remedy – is to make sure your house is clear of food sources and water – as that’s what they go for.  So mop the floors and get that vacuum out and into corners where the roaches like to hide. Then use your preferred natural way to kill roaches – read on!

Below is a list of ways that you can get started, you may even have the products at home already so you can deal with any infestation and get rid of roaches rapidly.

Best Home Remedies for Roach Killing

Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the best roach killers- although it is the most toxic in this list. You will need to keep boric acid out of the reach of children and pets as it is not safe for them.

Roaches will die when they come in contact with boric acid.  The method is to only have a light coat or dusting in the area where the cockroach infestation is.

Make sure the surface is not wet before you dust the powder – as if it is wet or damp it will not work.

The idea is that the cockroaches walk through the boric acid that is dusted lightly around the infested area. They get it on their antennae, legs and body. Later they will then ingest the acid as they try to get it off and the roach will DIE!

Note – this is toxic for humans and pets so be careful, and mindful of who might be around. Especially if you have small children,

home remedies german roaches
Natural Roach Killer – Boric Acid Sprinkled Lightly

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This is a safer alternative to boric acid (and my favorite way) and if you use the food grade diatomaceous earth then it is really safe. This natural white powder is cost-effective and will help eliminate cockroaches. It works by scraping against and damaging the insect’s exoskeleton, which in turn will repel them and eventually kill them.

Sprinkle a very fine layer around the affected or suspected areas. Also pay attention to the roach entry points.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar is another common household ingredient that is often used. However, in my opinion – cleaning the area with vinegar will more likely repel them. I can not find any reference to it killing them – or that roaches like to eat it.

However, cockroaches do not seek shelter in an area cleaned with vinegar. Cleaning alone will help you get rid of a large percentage of the cockroach infestation.

Baking Soda and Sugar

Baking soda and sugar will kill roaches.

Method for this Cockroach Remedy – Put the baking soda . and sugar in a container for mixing.

Mix equal parts baking soda and sugar.

Sprinkle the mix in the areas that you’ve seen roaches.  Clean up the next morning and repeat.

The Sugar attracts the roaches and the baking soda is the killer. When mixed with the roach’s stomach acid it will cause them to die over time.

Lemon Juice (or Lime)

This is quite a good home remedy for a cockroach infestation. 

First, wash the areas with a mix of equal water and lemon juice. I also put it in a plastic spray bottle. This lets me spray it into corners I can not reach easily. I tend to use this as a preventative after I have tried one of the more aggressive methods above.

natural cockroach killer
Only good roach is a dead one!

Catnip Spray

Catnip Spray is a really good home remedy to get rid of cockroaches. They hate its odor. If they sense it they will not go there.

The method in a few easy steps.

Bring some water to the boil. Put in a large handful of catnip and let it simmer for 3 mins. Then leave the mixture or “brew”  to cool.

Again you can use your handy little spray bottle and hit the area where you suspect the cockroaches are.  You will need to apply this for about 3-4 days. Also, make sure you clean the area as much as possible as you do not want them to come back.

Essential Oils.

Peppermint oil heads the list. But also eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. One of the added benefits is that some of these oils also have antibacterial properties – so and lingering bacteria will likely be killed.

You do not need to make a brew – just dab it around the roach-infested area. If you need to access hard to reach places then you can dilute it a little with water and use your trusty spray bottle.


Ammonia is a potent repellent for roaches.

Mix one part ammonia with one part of water. Put into a spray bottle and shake well. 

You can also use the liquid to clean up all the surfaces where you think they may be or go.

Repeat for a few days. The only negative is the smell of ammonia – it is quite strong.


This old product still works amazingly well. Mothballs are effective as a home remedy to get rid of roaches. (I do not like the smell)

They’re easy to use. Just get a box of them, and put where cockroaches could build nests.

Like ammonia, the downside is their notable odor. 

Conclusion: Natural ways to get rid of roaches

Getting rid of one cockroach is easy, but they are usually never alone. You need to experiment with various roaches remedies above to get rid of them. With good cleaning and some of the deterrents above you can rid your home of these pests.

I note that the lifespan of a roach is between 6-12 months. So you need to develop an effective combination of the above to kill and keep cockroaches at bay. However, since you are using natural remedies, then you can feel good that you are keeping your home free of roaches, but also free on any nasty chemicals. 


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