Water Treatment using Moringa Oleifera Seeds 

 June 13, 2020

By  Jim Ken

Can Moringa Seeds Purify Water?

Crushed or powdered Moringa seeds can clarify and purify water if you are stuck with no other way or in a survival situation. 

We have a great article on moringa grinds or powder you can read more here.

Many third world communities without access to filters or clean water have been using this method for a long time.

Around the globe having clean water is one of the most important attributes for good quality of life. Drinking clean water is key to good health. In many parts of the world cloudy water is a problem.

Maybe you have just had a flood and your water is dirty. But you do not have any water filters.

If you have Moringa seeds then you can use them to purify water.

In nature there are many natural compounds that have been used for a long time to help clarify and purify water.

So how does water clarification using moringa oleifera work?

Moringa seeds that have been ground up treat and purify water and that lets you drink the water in a form that is better than before the seeds were put in. Further they reduce the bacteria levels in the water making it safe for drinking.

So by employing Moringa seeds you will no longer be tied to expensive filters or other programs if cost or accessibility is a issue.

Using Moringa to purify water swaps chemicals such as aluminum sulfate, which are dangerous to people and the environment.

Research has shown that this simple way of using moringa for water purification not only reduces water pollution but also the level of harmful bacteria. 

water clarification using moringa oleifera seed

Water Clarification Using Moringa Oleifera Seeds

What happens - simply put -  the moringa grind you make and mix  joins with the solids in the water and then sinks to the bottom, plus this purification or detox step also removes 90-99% of the bacteria contained in the water. 

Each water sample will have different levels of containment so you will need to determine how much moringa ground seed to put in.  Do an experiment with a jar of the water and work out how much the correct amount is.

How to Purify Water with Moringa Seeds

Using natural compounds to make water potable is a technique that has been practiced for a long time. There have also been comparison reports and 9 times out of 10 seeds of the Moringa tree have been found to be one of the most effective forms of water detoxification and treatment.

Moringa really is effective at removing suspended particles from water.

How does it work?

What is the theory - Moringa oleifera seeds treat water two ways, first by acting to attract the silt and other undesirable particles. Then in the same way it binds to any microbes that may be present - hence the reason Moingia is often called an antimicrobial agent. 

This all happens because opposites attract!! - Moringa ground seeds are positively charged and as they float or are stirred in the water they attract negatively charged particles (silt, clay, bacteria, toxins, etc) allowing the resulting combined material which becomes heavier than water to settle to the bottom or be removed by a coarse filter which is not as expensive as the very fine ones. Also a lot of these coarse filters may be washed and reused several times making them very economical.  Over all moringa seeds will remove over 90% of the unwanted material from the water, and in many cases 99%

Water Treatment and Purification with Moringa Seeds

Preparation of Moringa seeds for the treatment of water may be prepared from seed kernels or from the solid residue left over after oil extraction which is often called the presscake. Moringa seeds, seed kernels or even dried presscake can be stored for a reasonable  period of time.  But Moringa water solutions for treating water should be prepared fresh each time.

How Many Moringa Seed Do You Need To Purify Water

A good way to think about the amount of seeds needed  is 1 seed kernel will treat 1 qt of water.

Moringa Seed Amounts more detailed guidelines.

  • Mildly Opaque Water- 1 seed per 4.225 qt of water
  • Medium Opaque Water 1 seed per 2 qt of water
  • Very Opaque Water  2 seeds per 1 qt of water

As we said above - experiment first with some moringa water clarifier mix and the turbid water in a jar.  

The above video demonstrates what is possible.

How To Clean Water With Moringa Seeds

Use mature Moringa oleifera seed pods and take out the seeds.

What you want is the clean seed centres - so you also need to get rid of the seed coat. If there are any discolored seeds, get rid of them also.

Use the guideline above to work out how many kernels are needed based on the murkiness and volume of the water you want to clean. Do a test first on a smaller quantity of water in a jar.

Prepare the right number of seed kernels and grind them to a fine powder. You can use a grinder or even a mortar & pestle.

  1. Mix ground seed(s) with a little clean water to form a firm slurry or a paste.
  2. Mix the paste and 1 cup of clean water into a bottle and shake for 30 - 60 seconds to activate the coagulant properties of your moringa mix. 
  3. Take a fine sieve or muslin cloth and put your water/moringa mix through - it will remove any insoluble bits.
  4. Now the exciting part stir in this water to your water to be purified. Mix and stir rapidly for at least 90 seconds. Then more slowly for another 8-10 minutes.
  5. Let the mix now sit for 1-2 hours.
  6. After this you will see particles you do not want have settled on the bottom. Gently pour off the clean water leaving the sludge on the bottom.
  7. Lastly sterilize the water to make it safe for drinking.


Tips and Tricks

If the water is left to it for too long - new bacteria can grow - so do not leave it sitting in the sun or for hours and hours - 1-2 hours in a cool or shady place is best.

When you decant the good water off the top - be careful not to get any of the particles on the bottom in to the “clean” water else you will have what is called recontamination.

The 1-2 hours of settling is important as the sediment on the bottom has impurities. So only take the water from the top and discard the bottom portion.

Moringa water treatment does not remove all the pathogens so boiling is recommended - and really this is an emergency process rather than an everyday procedure. It is handy to know for survival methods.

The other reason you may use this is where people are currently drinking untreated or contaminated water.

So moringa really does help in so many ways - from water detoxification to use as a face mask.

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