Benefits Of Matcha: Healthy Superfood Coffee Alternative To Start Your Day 

By  Sofia

Advantages of Matcha - Is it Really Better than coffee

I know I’ve said it. I’ve frequently stated, “You will take my coffee out of my cold dead hands.”

Well, actually if the coffee was really hot my hands wouldn’t be cold. So, that analogy doesn’t exactly work. Needless to say, I love coffee. So why would I even consider drinking something else in the morning?

The reason is that people are saying that a new beverage called matcha is really have some amazing health benefits over coffee.

Matcha, a powdered tea made from ground up tea leaves, it does have caffeine but leave that aside, it also boasts an impressive resume of healing properties, giving you a healthy start to your day and it really is a fat buster tea!

So, why not brew up some matcha green tea then?

Well, it’s made from the same healthy stuff as green tea, but it’s about quantity and quality.

Benefits Of Matcha_ Healthy Superfood Coffee Alternative

Meaning: A cup of matcha tea that’s been properly ground packs in the healthy benefits of 10 cups of brewed green tea because of Higher caffeine in matcha than coffee.

Those healthy punches that matcha provides include preventing cancer and being loaded with antioxidants that enter the body and immediately begin attacking those age-causing free radicals.

Here’s a list of everything this Matcha green tea does.

  • 1. Detoxifies the Body
  • 2. Boosts Immunity
  • 3. Burns Calories
  • 4. Enhances Calm
  • 5. High in Antioxidants
  • 6. Increases Energy Levels
  • 7. Loaded with Catechin
  • That last one. Loaded with Catechin. Now what does that mean? Catechin is a phenol and antioxidant that is related to a boiled juice extract called mimosa.

    Not the same mimosa as what happens to be my other favorite morning beverage.

    Oh, and did you know that catechins fight obesity? (Source)

    Yep, that epidemic that is slowly taking over America.

    These guys go into your body and punch fat right in the face. They knock it out and then out of your body. Take that fat!

    If you don’t believe me, then consider reading an amazing article I found on the NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Medicine.

    How to Brew Matcha

    It comes in a powder, so do you put it through your coffee maker? Well, matcha does require a small sifter. Not like a coffee maker. Reason being, is because during the brewing process you are required to whisk it into two tablespoons of hot water being poured through a sifter.

    You do this process to ensure that the powder gets completely mixed in. No one wants a lumpy beverage in the morning. After the brewing and whisking you will then have a frothy beverage that you can sip and know that it’s boosting your body. Take that unwanted cholesterol!

    That’s because matcha tea has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. It’s also been known to calm the mind and is rich in fiber. This tea also has some mighty nutrients in it. This hot beverage has vitamin C and selenium. It’s also a source of chromium, zinc and magnesium. The most powerful thing about this tea, however, is its antioxidants. The most famous being the powerful EGCg.

    Now, what is a EGCg?

    Did you know that EGCgs are frequently used as a way to prevent dementia in Alzheimer’s patients? (source) It sure is, and because it is packed with antioxidants that have been known to promote brain health. No studies have been known to prove this, however.

    green-tea-vs-matcha-tea-powder INFOGRAPHIC

    Don’t just take my word for it. Remember, I love coffee. I will never fully give it up. I am happy to exchange it for a cup of matcha every other day though. Here’s some things people are saying about matcha.

    According to Goop.com (you know that website ran by the super famous and health guru Gwyneth Paltrow) they say, “Matcha is known for its powerful health benefits, as it’s packed with antioxidants, including the powerful, cancer-protective epigallocatechin gallate. Combine that with its gentle caffeine boost, which is nowhere near as sweat-inducing as the one associated with coffee, and it’s an obvious alternative to an afternoon espresso.”

    Goop itself has been a bit controversial lately as well as Ms. Paltrow. Still, matcha is popping up everywhere and people are drinking it down in exchange for coffee. It’s fast becoming a fad and not just for yoga enthusiasts.

    So, is matcha for real or is it just another snake oil.

    Well, it does have known health benefits, and no one will argue that green tea is a superfood.

    However, as this fad grows it’s important to know that quality is important in matcha.

    The best matcha comes from green tea leaves derived from Japan.

    Right now, the process is a bit laborious. It’s a lot of work to process just one cup of matcha tea.

    As it becomes more of a fad, it will become easier to find and to make your own. Take the gluten fad for example. It’s easy now to find wheat-free pastas and cookies now when before those sensitive to gluten had to be super cautious.

    I for one will be drinking down a few cups of matcha. I love my coffee, but I’m looking forward to sipping matcha tea and seeing where it pops up as it become more popular.

    So Should You Ditch the Coffee In Exchange for Matcha?

    The simple answer is yes. If you are not a dedicated coffee drinker and can easily give it up for something more healthy then you should.

    Now, there are some benefits to coffee. but its really tough to overlooked these surprising healthy facts Matcha green Tea have.


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    Matcha Benefits over Coffee Benefits

    In the first corner we have coffee. It is delicious. It wakes us up. It’s always there when other things/people aren’t. We love coffee. It has some health benefits too. Here’s a few.

    Everyone does it. That’s a whopping 83% of adult Americans indulge in this hot beverage. Still, if 83% of Americans jumped off a cliff, would you?

    Matcha is a new trend, it takes time to make and it can be expensive. That’s only a buck an ounce, but remember it still has a brewing process so you may want to pay someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. That means waiting for the trend to hit your town so you can have it brewed at a coffee shop.

    There’s some good things about coffee. Coffee comes with some risks. However, it does have some protection against liver cancer.

  • It has side effects though too. It can increase the risk of heart disease. Plus, most people mix it with milk and sugar and that can add unneeded calories to your dietary needs.
  • The Health Benefits of Matcha

    If you’re looking for a morning beverage packed with health benefits, consider matcha tea.

    • Pack with vitamins and fiber. Full of vitamins A and C, this drink outshines coffee with its many healthy aspects. It also has fiber. Fiber is super important.
    • Boosts your metabolism. That’s right, it does. Boost your metabolism and burn off the fat!
    • Full of antioxidants. In comparison, one cup of matcha equals ten cups of ordinary green tea.
    • For a coffee enthusiast like me, I’ll never fully give up my coffee. That said, I will be drinking matcha frequently now and I wont be drinking anything but the green powder in the afternoon.
    Benefits Of Matcha_ Healthy Superfood Coffee Alternative


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