Madison Beer Hack For Making Her Lashes Look Fuller 

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Morphe Cosmetics, a makeup brand, has finally teamed up with another famous face, Madison Beer, adding to its amazing list of celebrity collaborations and young, social media influencers like Bretman Rock, James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, Maddie Ziegler, Charli, and Dixie D'Amelio. They also had a partnership with the music industry such as Saweetie and now, Madison Beer. 

The limited-edition collaboration and latest partnership with the singer-songwriter have produced five beautiful makeup products that have affordable prices. These include Beer's own inspired beauty preferences that are suitable for day and night use.

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What Inspired Madison Beer To Go Into The Makeup Industry?

Madison Beer, who is known for fashion beauty and fashion trends, was so excited for her first-ever makeup collection. She was so excited about this that she wanted everything to be perfect for her fans, which includes millions of followers on Instagram. Her major goal in this collection is to cover-up her acne-prone skin, which is part of her skin care duties, and to have makeup that goes all-out for special events at night. Beer said, "I am a Morphe fan on my own, so when they came to me wanting to collaborate, I was super excited," she added, "I wanted to make sure that I could make something that I could actually genuinely use and it included color tones that I wanted. I was just really involved in the entirety of the process."

 On September 15, the latest partnership with Madison Beer Morphe's makeup selection has debuted with a 20-pan Channel Surfing eyeshadow palette that has natural and rose gold hues. Not only that, but it has worthy addition of setting sprays with glycerin, apple extract, and coconut water infusion, as well as a highlighter and five lip glosses that come in different colors personally picked by the start herself. It also features 11 pieces in total that will give you the chance to copy the glowing, shimmery, full-face look, which Madison is known for that speaks her soft and neutral beauty vibe.

The makeup brand also collaborated with Beer with its brush set that is composed of six synthetic bristles perfectly made for a better and even application of makeup. Moreover, these all-white makeup brushes have Madison Beer's engraved name.  

Her goal in this makeup collection was just to simplify things. She once used any different makeup brands just to achieve one look. So, in the Madison Beer Collection in Morphe Cosmetics, she revealed, "My goal, I would, say is just that [my fans] can create the entire look with just this collection because I know how it feels to carry around a 50-pound bag of makeup when you travel, or just like in general, and I want this to be a simple thing that they can use and get it done," she told POPSUGAR.

Everything in Madison Beer's makeup collection is a good price which will give you a dauntless makeup look. It is definitely worth it!

What Are Madison Beer's Beauty Hacks

In an interview via social media (Twitter) with POPSUGAR, Madison revealed one of her genius hacks from using her favorite Channel Surfing Artistry Palette is by using it as an eyeliner too, to make it look like part of her fuller eyelash. She also uses the Stained Glass shade in the palette, which is a shimmery, pearlescent white color to highlight the corner of her eyes.

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She said, "The shade Zeppelin is my favorite because it's like a brown, but it's also like a chalky kind of gray and I use it as an eyeliner. It just looks like it's part of my eyelash rather than a really pigmented black liner. That's been my trick for a few months now — using more of a gray than a black because it just looks like a shadow of your eyelash." 

Beer told about the surprising thing that made the new collection solve her personal beauty problem - bringing six different, huge palettes when she travels.  She personally requested for a palette that has all the colors that she wanted that she can use every single day. That is why her personally requested 20-pan Artistry Palette became the perfect proof of her personal favorite in the collection. 

The next surprising thing she's very particular in her beauty products is her lipstick. Do you know that for the past 21 years, she never wore a lip lipstick or lip liner of any kind? Well, for sure many can relate that finding the right shade of lipstick or lip liner for you can be so hard. "I think it's because I just never found the right shade. I would literally battle with my makeup artist every time we went to a red carpet because she's like, 'We need to put lip liner on you,' and I'm like, 'No!' I would just make her put ChapStick on," she said. She just uses a simple ChpaStick until her makeup artist finally found a lip liner that matched her lips perfectly. "It just covered my freckles on my lips, and I was like, 'Wait, this looks really pretty. I can't believe I went all my life without doing this,'" she revealed to POPSUGAR.

More About Madison Beer

She got the full name of Madison Elle Beer. She is a singer, model, and one of the young influencers in social media, particularly on Instagram. She has the public's attention since she was 13 and she now moves forward as she turned 21 years old last March 2020 and recently launched several songs, as well as tracks with Cody Simpson.

With a stable career in the industry, aside from releasing her own collection in Morphe's makeup brand and getting into real, actual fashion trends, Madison Beer is now ready to release her highly-anticipated debut album, which makes her millions of fans on social media, especially on Instagram very excited about.


Madison Beer Body Stats

Madison Beer Height1.65 Meters
Madison Beer Weight53 Kg
Madison Beer Age21 Years
Breast34 Inch
Waist25 Inch
Hips33 Inch

Madison Beer Workout Routine To Keep Weight Down

Many would say that Madison Beer dose not need to worry about weight loss not like say Honey Boo Boo - have a look at our Ultimate Weight Loss Guide where we spell it out.  The workout routine of Madison Beer is not the workout routine you might be expecting. In many of her Interviews, Madison Beer has accepted that she is not a considerable workout fan.  She also said that she does not really workout at the gym.  See controls here eating routine and keeps natural active.

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