Joe Giudice Weight Loss 

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Joe Giudice is now free from ICE Custody and has shown to have an incredible weight loss!

Last year, it was totally confirmed that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star was freed from prison after his daughter Gia Giudice posted a photo of her FaceTiming with her father on Snapchat with a caption,

"We come back stronger than before the fights just starting??...zio pete your [sic] a great coach :)"

Fans were quick to notice the body transformation of the reality star asking if how did he achieve it.

now, let us take a look at how Joe Giudice managed to lose weight inside his own prison cells. 

How did Joe Giudice lose weight?

Joe Giudice's wife Teresa Giudice revealed how her husband isn't just lounging behind bars. In the interviews that she has done, she revealed Joe has been working hard during his detention and is already losing 35 lbs. in the first six months of his 41-month sentence.

Joe Giudice Weight Loss

"Oh yeah, I would say over 35 now," Teresa told PEOPLE regarding his husband's weight loss. "He’s running, he’s doing 1,000 sit-ups a day. So he lifts weights and that’s what he’s doing. Just running, working out, and then a lot of push-ups and sit-ups. He’s doing over 1,000 sit-ups."

She revealed that Joe was using his time in detention to work out and physically productive as an escape even behind bars. 

“I said just to get your mind and body in check. It’ll be good for you...He’s been through a lot with losing his dad and then me gone, it’s a lot,” Teresa added.

Before being charged with mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud in March 2016, PEOPLE said that Joe Giudice actually planned to quit drinking while serving his time after he found himself getting into bad habits while his wife Teresa Giudice was imprisoned for the same crimes.

"I am not going to be able to drink for a while, which is good because I don’t even know when it’s been since I haven’t had a drink," he told PEOPLE in the interview in February 2016.

"Definitely the whole year I drank every day a couple of bottles at night just to go to bed,” he said.

Several reports also added that Joe's weight loss was not just because of his workouts, but also of his shifts in diet. 

"Joe was used to eating huge home-cooked Italian meals. Teresa's an amazing chef and made for him delicious food when he lived at home, but, when he was in jail, the food was dreadful and he cut back a lot," the source said.

Where is Joe Giudice now in 2020?

Joe Giudice has been living away from his family since his release from ICE custody in October 2019. Although he appealed his deportation case, it was then denied in April 2020, thus forcing him to leave the United States and flew back to his native country, Italy. 

In his social media posts, it is quite obvious how the reality star misses his daughters so much. A post on Instagram published in September features a photo of him and his daughters, Audriana, 10, Milania, 14, Gabriella, 15, and Gia, 19.

"My [No. 1] tribe," Joe published a post. "Fact I can’t believe September [is] here and I didn’t get to spend summer with my babies."

In Season 10 of the real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice and their daughters were able to see Joe personally in Italy and were seen to be very affectionate with each other.

The family was set to see each other again over the Easter holiday this year but was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

What is Joe Giudice's net worth?

Joe Giudice is an American reality television celebrity and entrepreneur who reportedly has a net worth of $11 million.

He is an entrepreneur in New Jersey for several years who owned a construction company, a pizza parlor, and a laundromat. After being involved in real estate businesses, Joe and his wife Teresa Giudice found themselves in debt in 2011. 

The couple was forced to file for bankruptcy and claimed to have negligible assets and more than $11 million in debts. In the same year, the reality star was arrested for driving with a suspended license and was detained for 10 days in jail, community service, and was asked to pay a fine of $1,000. 

On July 30, 2013, he and his wife were charged with 39 counts of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and presenting fraudulent statements on loan applications.

In the arraignment, the couple was found to have overstated their incomes to receive around $4.6 million in mortgage and lines of credit. Also, they were found guilty of under-stated their income and net worth while filing for bankruptcy protection.

Both Joe and Teresa pleaded guilty to obtain a shorter prison sentence. 

Now, they are both free from prison and have put their attention to their children.

Joe Giudice says he is interested in MMA career. He said this after a drastic weight loss: 'I have a lot of aggression in me'

During an interview that was an hour-long, Joe who was on a satellite link from Salerno, Italy, mentioned that he had a burst of energy for a potential mixed martial arts career.

His daughter Gia - also share a video of a real slim joe - do some really cool MMA or spaing moves with his brother called Pete.

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