Coronavirus (Covid19) and how to survive self-isolation 

By  Sofia

Coronavirus (Covid19) and how to survive self-isolation

Written by Sofia Wilson and Dr Jim Ken


Self Isolation and how to do it properly?

In this growing article we cover top tips so you can become an expert in self isolation or home quarantine whether it is for fourteen (14) days or if you are told to work from home for a number of months.

This is an all in one guide on how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for self isolation, plus immunity boosting tips to go with your new daily routine.


What to do first for Self Isolation success.

 Establishing a “healthy” routine early is important, really important. 


Because for most of us no matter where we live, this is a new thing - and as it is new you do not yet have a routine or habit. 

So if you can set up the right habits for self isolation or quarantine at the beginning you are more likely to carry these good habits forward!


A Self Isolation Living resource:

I would like to make this article an “evergreen” or living document on a self isolation guide that is full of ideas and tips - and I really will welcome your input. 

It needs to be a living because how to self isolate is so new - and we can all learn from each other.  So this article will change and be updated frequently.

So again please share your tips to help us all. 

To get the latest official information please visit the CDC.

You can leave your comments below at the end of the article.


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A really useful tool to see almost real time the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 is the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Map which shows the data graphically - I find this easy to understand.

covid-19 map

Coronavirus Worldwide Map

Self Isolation Routine: 

We need to set up a daily routine - why because your old routine is gone now. I also think that the world will change - it must change from a shock as big as this.

The organisations that employ us will adapt, and after this crisis they will need to increase efficiency and decrease costs. 

For example - they may not renew office space as they have learnt to survive without it - so you may be working from home longer than expected.  

So learn how to master this new work environment and show your organisation you are resilient.

Plus if you can show self isolation doesn’t stifle your productivity you will be seen as versatile or adaptable - just the sort of person that is needed in the future in a changing world.  

Perhaps if you are an introvert maybe you think you are already set - well read on because you may pick up a few tips.  I would also love to hear from you if you are an introvert -as maybe you can teach us a thing or two.

Work from Home - the ultimate starter guide. 

In this guide section we are first going to cover setting up your daily routine. 

We will then every few days be adding sections on subjects like

  • The ultimate home office setup for self isolation
  • How to structure my day at home for maximum productivity
  • How do I set a family routine for all when schools are closed from the Cornorvisous
  • How do I build resilience into my local environment for prolonged self isolation

Starting your first self isolation day!

I am writing this first because I believe strongly that we are all creatures of habit.

covid-19 morning routine

One of the positives ( I always try to see the glass half full rather than empty) -  if I have to self isolate is I get a chance to improve myself and help my family and friends improve either by coaching or leading by example. 

Now the best morning routine is also one designed by you and owned by you - and in the new environment of self isolation that's exactly what you can do.

1. Make your Bed - Why should I make my bed everyday?

What are the benefits of making your bed? 

It is an easy task to do and it gives you a sense of accomplishment as your very first task of the day - do not underestimate this - it just starts your day off right. You feel better immediately - it really encourages you to keep the rest of your room tidy.

 When I was starting this habit myself - to reinforce it I treated myself by giving my bed a spray with this linen spray.

If your desk is in your bedroom then it really is necessary. 

Now let's carry on with this theme - starting your day right sets the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Smile and put a big grin on your face while thinking of something positive.

 I do not need to tell you why this is important. However with this new coronavirus - let me tell you something that maybe you did not know - smiling and staying positive actually strengthens your immune system. [Ref]

If you like you can use a short affirmation to reinforce this for example.

From the Bible - “This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

3. Do a 5-minute stretching routine.

Do not hit the SNOOZE function on your alarm - use those 10 minutes to do a stretching routine.

See the video below for a great morning routine that you can actually do in bed. 

If you have time then I would also add a meditation to your routine.

After you have done your showering

4. Cleaning your teeth and tongue 

I encourage you all to use a tongue scraper in the morning because it will freshen your breath - most bad breath odors come from your tongue and overnight the fur and bacteria do buildup

Your taste will improve - your breakfast will taste better and you will also strangely enough feel like eating more healthily - mmm- even as I write this I am going to switch to an all fruit breakfast tomorrow.

Lastly - I strongly encourage you to try this.

5. Drink a warm glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed.

 If you can handle it even a whole lemon ( I actually add a little manuka honey sometimes)

Why does this work wonders

Lemons have lots of vitamin C and we are all about boosting our immune system.

Lemon water also has antioxidants in it and these help fight free radical damage.

Lemon water also cleanses and helps to stimulate the kidneys and the liver.

Self Isolation Routine Conclusion: 

The early morning routine sets the scene for the whole of the day. These morning habits can make or break your whole day - get this part of the day right and you set yourself up to succeed for the rest of the day.

I am going to pause here - so I can publish this and then I will be adding a new section to this post in the coming days.

Future topics planned at this stage are

  • The Ultimate Office Kit for Delf Isolation and working from home
  • Marie Kondo your Home - Room by Room
  • Plan a great next 3 days of Food
  • Social Contact and Staying in touch
  • Become Part of your Community - even though you are isolated.
  • You Snack Routine when you are at home

Thanks for Reading and Take Care - Sofia and Jim


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