Healthy Snacks At Night 

By  Sofia

What are Healthy Snacks at Night?

Here we take a look at snacks and decide what are healthy snacks you can eat at night.

Help I can’t stop eating at night! - heard that before.

You’re at your computer again - surfing the net - playing a game and your eyes are tired. Dinner was great but it has long gone, but that your stomach is telling you that to snack on something would be great.

I can share a secret early on red tea is better.

You know that you should not snack after eight o’clock, right?

That is a weight loss fundamental right!  Or is it?  

There are some help tips for this common late night munchies I am going to share with you.

I want to quote "Liz Swann Miller – Weight Loss Expert."

Liz would not gain excessive amounts of weight. Liz would not yield to that big golden M sign you see coming up on the highway. Liz doesn’t snack later in the evening.

REd Tea Cleanse

Healthy Late Night Snacks

How does Liz do it?

Let me tell you a little secret. Liz also struggles. Liz feels the exact urges you feel, and resists the same temptations you resist.

“As this Weight Loss Expert, I often need to remind myself not only to pursue a healthy lifestyle in order to fulfill the expectation of my title and my career, but for my optimal well- being.”

The urge to have a snack is worse later in the evening, during that time when I’ve supposedly declared eating to be over.

Why do People Snack so Much?

  • However, what you should note is that hunger is a basic survival instinct. We must acknowledge  it. Don’t be ashamed. Just know it exists.

  • People think that frequent eating of small portions is healthy

  • Others snack because they think it helps them to stay focused

How do I distract myself from snacking?

Many claim the most effective diets are ones which have you eating only two meals a day, and drinking water for the rest. Do not follow that path.  I strongly suggest you ignore these programs, as they are not sustainable.

One of the secrets is controlled snacking. NO I don’t mean digging around in a bag of chips and licking the salt off your fingers (yummy but we’ve all been there). 

  • What I mean pouring yourself a bowl of organic nuts. 

  • Try blueberries even frozen they are nice.

  •  Be inventive, and clever about it. 

  • Always try to choose the right food in moderation.

But let’s talk about the late-night secret. It’s simple.

And easy. Are you ready for it?

red tea cleanse recipe

What are healthy snacks at night?

It’s a cup of tea.

Don’t underestimate this.

Do not have it immediately before bed, but use it to fill in the gap between dinner and sleep.

Now you also need to choose the right tea that supports detoxification and weight reduction, and that tea is the Red Tea. An in my opinion it is much nicer that green tea - red our review of green vs red here.

What this african red tea does is satisfies the hunger, but leaves you feeling calm and revitalized, primarily due to its detoxifying properties. And it’s caffeine free – so don’t fear, you won’t be bouncing from the walls.

After extensive studies around fat-burning solutions, the myths and the answers, I have created this tea with ingredients selected carefully for late-night cravings and overall weight loss (you can find the recipe in the link below). The benefits are really powerful and the solution is simple. Keeping it simple always works the best

So make a challenge for yourself. I’ll be right there with you. Quit the chips, the chocolate, and the guilty pleasure of cheese blocks. Get the kettle boiling and pour yourself a steaming mug of Red Tea. I guarantee – you will fall in love with the taste – and late-night cravings will be a beast of the past.

Try the Red Tea Detox today to get the recipe. 


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