Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss 

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"I'm not fat...I'm fluffy." Comedian Gabriel Iglesias has been known for that punchline because of how confident he is in his physique.

The 39-year old stand-up comedian has come to a point that his weight is no longer a laughing matter. 

He recently underwent severe depression, alcoholism, and obesity that resulted in type 2 diabetes.

With that, he has canceled his shows and announced it on Instagram saying, "I'm dealing with some serious health and emotional issues."

Let us look at how Gabriel Iglesias handled and went through his weight loss and emotional struggles that needed immediate attention.

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How Did Gabriel Iglesias Lost Weight?

In recent years, the Magic Mike XXL star had made his hard effort to shed off some weight and strives his best to be physically healthy by cutting down carbohydrate intake like bread, chocolate cakes, chips, etc. 

How much does Gabriel Iglesias weigh now?

In an interview done by Today Show, Gabriel Iglesias revealed how he lost weight from 437 pounds to 320 pounds. "I stopped eating bread. Believe it or not, the bread will take you down," Gabriel told the hosts. "I'm known for the guy who eats chocolate cakes and stuff, so I stopped eating whole cakes."

Gabriel Iglesias Exercise Routine

The comedian also worked his way up to the gym to lose weight and he is honing his boxing skills. In a short video posted on his Instagram, Mr. Iglesias shows his technique with a speed bag. He reportedly goes to the gym five times a week with a two-hour session with his trainer, Ricky Funez, the owner of Teengoose Boxing Gym, who is also famous in helping Justin Beiber get into shape.

This was after the comedian and actor had his own wake-up call in The Fluffy Movie wherein he was told by a doctor that he only got two years to live. "That's the biggest wake-up call you can get," he said. "Your habit is hurting you. You need to check yourself. You still have a chance."

Not only that, but Gabriel also struggled with type II diabetes. His 437-pound weight made his legs to be swollen resulting in a blackening, cracking, and bleeding on the inside part of his legs due to poor circulation of the blood. Worst, he came to a point wherein he almost lost his vision and a messed up kidney organ. He also mentioned being a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Aside from doing boxing and clean eating, Gabriel Iglesias also did yoga exercises. He took up DDP Yoga - a type of yoga that Diamond Dallas developed. DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) yoga helped his knee issues since it is a low-impact yoga that doesn't need much of hitting on the joints. Though he admitted that he still struggled his way through especially when going down to the floor and then get back up again without using a table or a chair.  

A few years ago, he posted on social media about his progress on overweight and diabetes. "Down almost 20 pounds since I stopped touring and my diabetes is currently under control with exercise, diet, and meds," he said.

Who is Fluffy Wife

How Did Gabriel Iglesias Go Off From Being Alcoholic?

Gabriel Iglesias has cut down his drinking to once or twice a month from four times a week. When it comes to drinking spree, Iglesias says, "I try to avoid them. But it's hard. I've woken up with wrappers. I've woken up with Taco Bell wrappers on me or I'll wake up and there's a burger on the floor and I'm like, 'How the hell does a burger wind up on the floor?'" He added, "I'll get drunk maybe once or twice a month. That's in comparison to the four times a week that I was doing."

The American reality series star credited his girlfriend, whom he chose to be unnamed for privacy, for being supportive in his weight loss journey by pushing him to go to the gym and to eat clean. 

"But she was one of the first people who said, 'You know what? You gotta check yourself. I don't want you to die. I want you to be around.'" He told BuzzFeed. "She was the first one who started helping me because I was making her big, too. The reason she started to get overweight was because of me. She was the first one that went and started working with a trainer. And that trainer would become the trainer that I work with now. But yeah, she was the first one who really pushed for this healthy lifestyle."

He also gave the credit to his close friend and fellow stand-up comedian, Martin, who helped him get through his health problems and stood with him through all the physical exercises. 

"It's one of those things where we help each other out. ... We pushed each other. He doesn't get enough credit for that." [When we're on the road], our goal is to find a gym. We'll get ourselves to go to the gym together and once we're in there, we go off and do our own thing. Because everybody has their own way and their own level of working out. Martin is all about lifting. He's got that penitentiary body. I can't keep up with him. But he'll get me into the door. And once I'm inside the gym, I'm like, all right. I'm here. I'm not just gonna sit down. I'll go hit the treadmill, I'll go hit the elliptical, I'll go lift weights, I'll go do something."

How's Gabriel Iglesias After Losing Weight?

After he struggled from losing weight, he then started to get into the reality TV series for Fuse where he tried different kinds of food while on tour. But of course, he had to go to the gym the next day to maintain his new lifestyle. 

Now, Gabriel Iglesias seemed to be happy about how he successfully get through his emotional and health problems. 

“I’m in a much better place. Stepping back allowed me to evaluate things and my approach to stand-up,” he said. “Now I appreciate it through different eyes.”

In 2019, he debuted on Netflix with "One Show Fits All"  alongside his current tour that yearHe has also taped another show from Netflix called "Mr. Iglesias".

“I like acting. I mean I’ve been in relationships, so I’ve been acting a long time,” he said. “But this show has a good vibe, a positive message, and I’m around people who’ve been working on TV shows for a long time. I’m feeling pretty good about the show, and feedback has been positive.”

He also starred in "Magic Mike" and guest-starred on some episodes of the "Modern Family" as well as "Narcos" too. 

Who is Fluffy Wife?

Gabriel Iglesias has fought hard to keep his girlfriends' identity secret but it has been revealed that she is an actress whose name is Claudia Valdez. After a random encounter back in 2008,  Claudia and Gabriel started dating, and they have been together ever since.


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