Courteney Cox Beauty Tips 

By  Sofia

Courteney Cox sets the standards for beauty while aging.

At the age of 56, the Hollywood star proved that age is just a number by still looking breezy with a healthier lifestyle and natural secrets to beauty.

Ever since she appeared 26 years ago on the screen as Monica Geller on the iconic and six-member crew TV show, Friends, she is still the same woman who has a clear-skin, a totally career-driven, and who is being applauded for her beauty, lifestyle, and motherhood.

Now, let us see what the Cougar Town star, Courteney Cox, has something to share about her beauty tips!

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What Are The Beauty Tips From Courtney Cox?

Courteney has done several interviews about her aging and how she had handled it in a beautiful and graceful way. Here are some of her beauty tips:

1. Put on minimal make up

The actress is so done with the intense makeover routine. Now, she is into the minimal look to emphasize her natural beauty. In an interview done by New Beauty, the Alabama native revealed how she has been teaching her daughter, Coco, on how to do her own makeup. "My less-is-more theory is true!" she says. Cox said she doesn't even put highlighter on her cheeks, she is confident on her usual makeup — a light layer of mascara (she uses Latisse, by the way), a slight smudge of eyeliner, and a thin-filled, micro bladed brows. She even rarely wears red lipstick, she added in another interview. "I think that guys like girls with less makeup... I used to love to wear red lipstick. That, and I would fill in my eyebrows and nothing else. I don’t know if I can do that anymore, you know? Things change so much as you get older."

2. Do not forget your morning beauty routine

Washing the face with a micro towel is a must for Courteney Cox! She washes it early in the morning using Clarisonic and later on, put on a rejuvenating serum or a lifting serum, Mila Moursi, once a week. Another natural and effective serum that she uses is vitamin C or Mila Moursis's Firming Cream, Oxy Cellular, and AntiWrinkle Cream alternating it depending on what her skin needs. She makes sure that she doesn't just use natural products that have oil and plant extracts, she wanted it to work. Take note, her morning routine doesn't take much of her time; it only takes 3 minutes or so to do her morning beauty routine.

3. Free yourself from fillers

Courtney Cox mentioned about herself getting injections and fillers until she made it a habit to gradually do it, up to the point of making herself look worse in the picture and looked too intense in person. "Well, what would end up happening is that you go to a doctor who would say, “You look great, but what would help is a little injection here or filler there.” So you walk out and you don’t look so bad and you think, no one noticed—it’s good. Then somebody tells you about another doctor: “This person’s amazing. They do this person who looks so natural.” You meet them and they say, “You should just do this.” The next thing you know, you’re layered and layered and layered." she told New Beauty.  

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4. Do facial treatment

To achieve a natural look, Courteney dissolved all her fillers to make her thin skin move freely and not to look fake, especially on photographs. Instead of filler, she now uses laser treatments like Clear+Brilliant to strengthen her muscles and emphasize her smile lines. (Jennifer Aniston, her Friend's co-star and close friend use this facial treatment too!) 

Ulthera and Botox are also her other option to produce collagen, as well as Fraxel to get rid of the brown spots on the arms, chest, and face. 

5. Keep moisturizing and hydrating 

The youthful star added that in order to maintain her skin care routine, she never skips moisturizing her skin and drinking water to keep hydrated. In an interview, the actress added, "I would say moisturizing and drinking water, and I don’t drink near enough. I’m on this kick where I’m going to try to drink sixty-four ounces a day. It’s so hard. I can get the first thirty-two down, no problem. That second bottle is tough, but when I do, I feel different."

6. Keep moving

Courteney Cox made sure to be consistent in her workout routine too. For her, working out feels your body to be so much better, and importantly, she looks the most beautiful after working out when there's no makeup. 

She does Pilates three times a week with her coach, Jessica McTighe. She is also into cardio like walking and running for 30 minutes, three times a week. For toning her core, she does walking sideways with bands wrapped around her legs. On Sundays, she goes out with her friends and does tennis to sweat it out even during the weekends.

7. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Vegetables are one of the favorite things that Courtney eats. A few of these are spinach, broccoli, kale, asparagus, and anything green. Also, she does a shot of methylated B-12 every day to prevent her body from absorbing toxins. In that way, her body can also absorb nutrients since she was diagnosed with the MTHFR gene mutation. "About four years ago I found out I have something called an MTHFR gene mutation, which dictates how my body methylates. I suffered miscarriages, my dad died of a really rare cancer, and depression runs in my family, which made my doctor think I should get this gene checked out. I discovered that I have the worst version of this mutation and my body doesn’t methylate the way it’s supposed to." she said in an interview.


Now, the Hollywood star enjoys her 50s with having confidence as her number one beauty tip, which she thinks cannot be altered by any makeup or surgery. She dresses in a way that would make her feel confident and she chooses to stay natural to be more authentic. 


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