The Best Moringa Powder Supplements, Capsules, Pills and Tea Bag Brands For Every Budget 

By  Sofia

Top 10 Best Moringa Powder and Tea bag (teabag) Review for 2021

Moringa ( m o r i n g a ) organic leaf or other forms has been used for centuries, various societies throughout history realized its benefits and passed it through generations of folk medicine and it is now one of the most trending herbal products with an amazing range of benefits.

Also known as the ‘Miracle Tree’ or “Ben Oil Tree”, organic moringa leaf powder has been getting a lot of praise in the last years, will be the "new superfood worth shouting about", especially since people have been starting to make pills or capsules which make it easy to take.

Powder, pills and capsule-form moringa supplements have their own strengths, but in almost all cases for moringa Oleifera the benefits of bulk powders outweighed the benefits of capsules - they are just easier to take

Moringa Oil and its benefits are also discussed here along what it can do for hair care and our Dailydetoxhacks home page is a great way to see what other subjects we cover.

But as you know, not all organic moringa powder is equal.

That’s why I have shortlisted the top 8 brands, who offer Best Organic Moringa Powder Brands and which brand is best if you are looking for "Moringa Tea" or Tea Bags(teabags).

I reviewed them based on quality, value for money, and transparency in the labels and, I hope it will help you to make your decision easier to chose the highest quality moringa organic powder that will suit your tastes.

Moringa powders, capsules, and pills are very common now, and new research discovers new benefits of these products every year

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Then below is our best Organic Moringa powder quick pick and teabag or just skip to the moringa powder supplement review.

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Moringa Oleifera 180 Capsules – 100% Pure Leaf Powder - Max 1000mg Per Serving

Energy, Metabolism, and Immune Booster. Natural Anti-Inflammatory 3 months Supply

Organic Moringa Oleifera Gummies - Great for KIDS

Energy, Metabolism, and Immune Booster. Natural Anti-Inflammatory 

Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder

Energy, Metabolism, and Immune Booster.  Premium Organic Powder Brand

Here is our top pick if you are after Moringa Tea Bags. They are made by MORINGA TEA Organic - Nature´s 1

  • BEST MORINGA TEA: Raw, USDA Organic, Fresh Moringa in Tea Bags. Vegan, NON-GMO, and providing over 93 Vitamins, Minerals & nutrients for Optimal Health

What is Moringa? The ‘Miracle’ Tree

Luckily, ever since I was a little kid, my grandma used to cultivate this tree in her back garden, my brother and I have always been encouraged to include moringa in our daily diet.

I advise all my friends to take moringa in some form like organic moringa leaf powder or an easy moringa teabag in the morning and I cover of the best  review here. 

I also experienced firsthand how this herb can enhance someone’s health and prevent a lot of issues.

In the last years, as society seemed to catch onto the benefits for Organic moringa powder, it has become a widely favoured medicinal herb. Today, I’ll pass down all my knowledge, as well as my recommendations to you for moringa in powder form. We will also talk about organic moringa powder how to use it.

“In 2008, the National Institute of Health called moringa oleifera the “plant of the year,” Reasons are 9 x the iron in spinach, 4 x the fibre in oats, 2 x more protein than yogurt, 7 x the VitaminC in oranges, 25 x the Vitamin A in carrots, 14 x more calcium than milk and 4 x more potassium than bananas.“

Where Does Moringa Come From?

The Moringa Oleifera Tree grows in tropical and arid areas. The first records of people using this medicinal remedy come from the Indian subcontinent around 2000 BC.

It started being used in India and Egypt as a natural sunscreen to protect the skin of the harsh environments in both India and Egypt.

Quickly big empires, such as Greece and Rome caught on the benefits of the plant and started commercializing it as an ointment and perfume. Soon became known in Southeast Asia and the Philippines where it played an essential role in the local diet due to its nutritional qualities.

Throughout history, it has been used in over 300 different health circumstances. For example, commonly used for: skin, acne diabettes, blood pressure ulcers and even tuberculosis.

You should know: Moringa is the second fastest growth rate for a plant in the world, bamboo being the first.
moringa benefits infographic

Potential Benefits of Moringa Powder

There are rare circumstances in which the entirety of the plant brings benefits to our health. Moringa is one of those rare trees.

Everything on the Moringa tree is useful, leaves, seed pods, seed pod oil, and roots of the tree, all find use in a medicinal and nutritional capacity.

That is why you will find many different kinds of formulas and formulations.

Rich Source of Nutrients, Antioxidants, and Anti-Inflammatory

Moringa is a potent source of various antioxidants and nutrients (source)

On top of this, some studies have shown moringa also increases concentration and mental focus, boosts energy, increases stamina, helps with weight loss, and helps with emotional balance.

As previously mentioned, moringa is an antioxidant rich herb. Besides vitamin C and beta-carotene, Moringa contains quercetin and chlorogenic acid.

Quercetin helps lower blood pressure, while chlorogenic acid helps the balance blood sugar levels.

Besides its antioxidant properties, some studies also show moringa is also extremely useful in fighting inflammation, including heart diseases, and lowering cholesterol.

"Did You Know ? Moringa the herb has: 2 times more the protein found in yogurt, 4 times the vitamin A found in carrots, 3 times the amount of potassium found in bananas, 4 times the calcium in cow’s milk and 7 times the vitamin C in oranges."

Moringa Nutrition Facts 2021

Moringa leaves are an incredible source of many key vitamins and minerals.

Moringa nutritional profile:

A scientific analysis (REF):

Moringa Nutritional Profile Fresh Leaves



6.7 g

Vitamin B

0.91 mg

Vitamin C

230 mg


0.85 mg


259 mg


92 cal


0.9 g

Vitamin E

448 mg

Moringa is a Life Saver 

In many countries where water pollution is a problem, people are encouraged to use moringa seeds to cleanse and purify the water.

A study shows Around 50.000 children die in Brazil every year due to the poor quality of the drinking water which causes severe cases of ‘diarrhea’.

Non-profit organizations in Brazil have for years promoted and taught the use of Moringa.

When the ground seeds are mixed with the water, they clean up to 98% of the toxins. Thus, making it suitable for consumption.

Moringa Powder, Tea, Teabags and Seeds

As I already mentioned, the whole moringa plant is useful for natural medicine. We can get the most out of this plant by taking in the form of moringa leaf powder, tea or teabags and seeds.

Moringa Powder

  • Moringa leaves powder is one of the most efficient and popular forms of moringa. It contains a beneficial mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. It increases mental focus, boosts energy, stabilizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels, anemia, arthritis, diabetes, diarrhea, among many other benefits. An interesting fact about moringa power is it can be a great healthier alternative to coffee.

Moringa Tea

Besides having a good taste and being a pleasant drink. This tea boosts energy and helps the mind staying sharp. It is also great for women during their menstrual cycle, as it alleviates cramps and bloating.

Moringa Seeds

  • These seeds are well-known for their wide range of health pluses. They help lower sugar levels, boost energy, aid the digestive system and cardiovascular system. It also helps people having trouble sleep well.


Moringa starts life as a tree, but  by the time it comes to us it is in a number of different forms. 

What are the different forms of Moringa?

  • Seeds
  • Powders
  • Leaves
  • Capsules
  • Teabags

Now which form of Moringa is the best?

Before deciding - we also need to consider how the raw material is processed.

The manufacturing method used to produce the natural product can remove some benefits. It's impossible for processing to not affect the fragile organic compounds that provide you a benefit. If the manufacturing method is very harsh even some mineral or vitamins can be destroyed or removed from the final product.

So in summary not all all products are the same.  It does help us understand if possible "fresh is best". Leaves from one manufacturer may be different in active ingredients than another.

Moringa Leaves

The best and most natural form of moringa is the leaves. Leaves from the tree can actually be eaten, like kale. Also similarly they can be cooked and eaten just like you might prepare spinach. One of the best ways would be for you to get your own moringa tree which you can buy online.

Moringa Seeds

Seeds are an interesting way of getting some benefits directly and in a very natural way. A popular use for the seeds is to prepare them in a similar way to popcorn. You basically spray them with a natural oil spray and toast them. They are actually very tasty.

If you are looking for a natural cure to not to severe constipation the the seeds to have a laxative reaction in many people.  We also know of many of our readers who also do a moringa detox or cleanse using them.  Another common way is to put them in your green smoothie. With the seeds just use a very small quantity because some people have a sensitive digestion system and you may feel some stomach discomfort, I do not use moringa seeds directly because of this.

 Moringa seeds are usually prepared for market by drying them out and then packaging and shipping them to your local store. While they are still in their dried natural state they will usually be not quite a fresh as a moringa leaf.

 The other important thing to note is that the seeds have a different nutrient profile to say the leaves of the same plant. This is not uncommon and is true of a variety of plants.

How many Moringa Seeds should I eat per day?

Seeds are small in size and therefore their nutrition elements are very concentrated.

  •  Recommended eating only 2-3 seeds a day.

Moringa Powder vs. Moringa Capsules: Which Should You Choose?

The Moringa tree is so amazing because you can use the seeds, the leaves, and the bark. It is available commercially in powder form, as tea or as capsules.

For me, it always powders capsules. And that's why our featured product is a powder...I am biased!

The great thing about the powder is that you can use it in smoothies or add it to hot water and take it like a tea.

Why is Moringa good for you?

The 2 main reason for trying moringa is, you will mostly be able to eliminate a lot of your other multivitamins because of it so jam-packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. This is one of the great benefits of the moringa leaf powder.

These compounds in moringa powder leaf enhance mental and physical vitality, have a calming effect on the mind, and a soothing effect in the body thanks to its alkalizing properties.

Your entire body benefits from regular organic moringa leaf or teabags even as immunity is boosted, protecting and supporting all the systems in the body.

Why is Moringa good for you?

The 2 main reasons for trying moringa is, you will mostly be able to eliminate a lot of your other multivitamins because of it so jam-packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. This is one of the great benefits of moringa leaf powder.

These compounds in moringa powder leaf enhance mental and physical vitality, have a calming effect on the mind, and a soothing effect in the body thanks to its alkalizing properties.

Best Moringa Oleifera Powder

Your entire body benefits from regular organic moringa leaf or teabags even as immunity is boosted, protecting and supporting all the systems in the body.

If you are a loud and proud organic junkie like me, you will just add it to your ever-growing range of powders, because variety is the spice of life. Right?

The 2nd reason is that you will not find another plant that delivers so many health advantages and contains such high levels of essential nutrients anywhere on this planet.

How to Use Moringa Powder

Using moringa leaf powder is very easy.

  1. just mix 1-2 teaspoons (or according to your taste) into any dish or drink that could benefit from a dusting of organic moringa leaf powder.
  2. The best way to think of this use it as superfood seasoning. I do like to use certified organic if I can.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT MORINGA Powder or Tea- Best picks

Below are the top best Moringa powders and teas that we have picked from over 50 products available.

Chosen for the quality of contents, packaging and labeling, we narrowed down the choices until we had a final selection of organic powder, teas and capsules and we compared them based on value for money, nutrient density and ethical, sustainable practices.

What is the best Brand of Moringa?

Our Top Picks



Best Overall

Nautervibe Moringa

8 oz Premium Moringa Organic Powder

Best Organic2

Feel Good Organics Moringa 2

Contains No Additives or Fillers

Best Raw Powder

Pura Vida Single Origin Moringa

Potent Moringa from Nicaragua

Best Tea

Traditional Moringa Tea

Great Flavor

Best Tea Bag

( Teabag )

Republic of Tea Moringa Tea Bags

Super Easy Organic Moringa Tea Bag

What is the best way to take Moringa

The best way to take moringa is a tea bag - It is just easier and you will get into a moringa routine!- choose the tea bags above

What is the best way to take Moringa Powder

The best way to take moringa powder is as a sprinkle on your salad or in your cooking.

Organic Moringa by Feel Good Organics Moringa Powder - 100% USDA Certified Organic

Organic Moringa by Feel Good Organics is a 100% pure moringa leaf product. It contains NO additives or fillers.

Sourced from the Himalayan foothills, it is just pure, hand harvested, sustainably sourced, sun dried (at low temperatures) leaves.

It is a perfect all natural multivitamin.

Key Points:

  • Packed with over 90 essential ingredients including 20+ types of amino acids, 40+ antioxidants, 35+ anti-inflammatory compounds, key vitamins, minerals, protein, Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils and phytonutrients.
  • It comes in 1lb pouch which delivers 225 servings! Very affordable.

What I like ?

  • USDA certified
  • Nutrient dense
  • Independently tested for quality and purity
  • Not GMO
  • Raw, vegan, gluten free

What I Don't ?

  • Acts as mild laxative if taken in large quantities.

Kiva Organics is committed to sourcing natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality.

Their 100% fresh moringa comes from a single source farm. It is hand harvested, and processing is minimal to ensure flavor and nutrients are locked in.

It is vegan and not genetically modified....

I would recommend adding it to salads since it has a robust flavor and may be hard to drink.

Key points:

  • It comes in a resealable 1 lb pouch and this will give you 82 servings.
  • You can add it to a smoothie, milkshake, or even mix it with water, tea or sprinkle it over salads.

What I like ?

  • Rich in potassium, calcium and iron
  • Not GMO
  • Raw, vegan and gluten free
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly methods
  • Lists nutritional values

What I Don't ?

  • Only 82 servings per 1lb, compared to Zen’s 225
  • •Doesn't taste good

Moringa Energy Life Powder- 100% Pure & Raw/Organic

This powder contains 93 essential nutrients and minerals, it is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and protein and fiber. It is the perfect fit for any athlete as it will boost energy levels and increase vitality, many football players and professional runners are using it in their diet.

If you are an athlete or practice regular exercise, this moringa oleifera powder is a must have.

Ridiculously Delicious

Mix it in the milkshake or sprinkle some powder on top of your salads after training and you got yourself an amazing source of energy and optimal health.

NATURAL MULTIVITAMIN: Boosts immunity which means increased physical and mental ability.

IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Helps maintain an active immunity boost.

Key points:

  • 112 per servings, 4gms twice daily
  • 4.8 calories per servings
  • Boosts immune system, excellent for athletes
  • Comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try This Moringa Powder Now & Boost Your Health.

What I like ?

  • USDA Organic
  • Aids in mental clarity
  • Provides bio-available nutrients
  • Helps boost immune system
  • Pure, organic powder
  • Green, vegan protein
  • Promotes optimal body weight

What I Don't ?

  • Not as well known  other brands
  • May seem pricey but it delivers 112 servings in 7 oz container.

Terrasoul Moringa Leaf Powder- USDA Organic vegan & made in USA

Terrasoul is a very reputable brand that has a fantastic full range of superfood powders; Their moringa is of the same affordable, high quality as their other products like Amla fruit and Mangosteen.

It tastes much better then Kiva powder, and it basically has the same benefits. 

It is vegan and not genetically modified.

Unlike other companies that use co-packers, they directly import, lab test and package their ingredients to ensure quality. 

They are also one of the largest wholesale suppliers of organic superfoods in the U.S. and are trusted by hundreds of the nation’s top juice and smoothie bars and organic food manufacturers as their source for high-quality superfoods.

Key Points:

  • 340 servings per container, 1/2 tps (1gm)
  • Vitamin A 1, 100 mcg, 22%
  • It also contains over twenty types of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is also a rich source of potassium, calcium, and iron.
  • Working in close partnership with their suppliers enables them to offer the highest quality ingredients at a superior value.
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

What I like ?

  • USDA Organic
  • Raw, vegan, gluten free
  • Kosher
  • Non GMO
  • Fair Trade

What I Don't ?

  • Packed in a factory that uses nuts, so not safe for those with nut allergies

Zoffs Moringa Combination Powder - Includes leaves, Seeds, Pods, Stems, Barks

This is my wildcard pick, all the way from Jamaica, mon!

I chose this product because it is the only product that I found which uses the whole tree.

And also because it is a value for money bulk buy. Ideal for the family who embraces good health as a lifestyle choice.

They have the GMP ( good manufacturing practices) stamp of approval and the labelling is the only product that gives a break down of the amino acids and vitamins in 100g of moringa leaf powder as opposed to per serving.

Key points

  • Because it is a Jamaican product it doesn’t have all the U.S. certifications but it is still a 100% moringa product, with no fillers or additives.
  • Packaged in resealable pouch with comprehensive info on how to use.
  • Contains over 90 plant-based vitamins and mineral

What I like ?

  • Non GMO
  • 100 % natural moringa
  • Includes leaves, Seeds, Pods, Stems, Barks Etc
  • Value for money

What I Don't ?

  • It is not as detailed as US brands in terms of how it is processed but does have good info on how to use.
  • Too much or first time dose may have laxative effect.

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa - Abundant in Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acid

If you are looking for a high source of nutrients, you will be delighted with these capsules. It packs all you need for continuous full body support: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, amino acids, and protein. It’s an excellent moringa powder for those seeking a boost in vitality, stamina, clarity and focus.

It’s a highest quality moringa capsules native to India.

Key points:

  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher and Halal Certified.
  • 1.4gms/ calories serving
  • Good rich green color

Supporting Local Farmers – Organic India helps train small-scale farmers to produce high-quality moringa and employ sound farming practices.

100% Natural – These capsules are suitable for vegans and gluten intolerant people. They have been produced to cater for halaal and kosher communities.

Essential Nutrients – Organic India Moringa capsules are complete natural multivitamins. Providing the full range of essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements means improved health across the board.

Kind to the planet – Organic India uses farmers that employ organic, sustainable farming practices to ensure the quality of the soil and the nutrient density of the Moringa trees.

What I like ?

  • Great way to get extra nutrients if you are not a smoothie or tea drinker.
  • Affordable
  • Encapsulated using pullulan capsules

What I Don't ?

  • Don’t use if pregnant or lactating

Top Moringa Tea Bag Review for 2021

Global Moringa best Moringa Tea - Best for tea lovers

Making tea is also an amazing form of consuming moringa.

I’ve chosen Global Moringa tea because it’s a great nutritious tea grown in Ghana. Completely organic and natural, it’s a great replacement to coffee. Combats fatigue and helps recover from hard workouts (great if you go to the gym). 

100% pure, non-GMO and pesticide free.

  • Each pouch contains 30 tea bags.
  • For tea lovers this is a perfect caffeine free alternative to ceylon teas.

The health benefits are the same whether you drink moringa as a tea or as a powder. The only difference is you get to choose how much moringa you get in a dose when using powders.

What I like ?

  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • 100% pure moringa
  • Non GMO, vegan, gluten free
  • Affordable
  •  A natural multivitamin in tea form

What I Don't ?

  • May need to be sweetened as it is an acquired taste

Organic Moringa Leaves Tea Pack of 30 Bags Large Tea Bags


Organic Moringa Tea – 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags – Caffeine-Free

Bottom Line

Moringa is a great answer for improving our health in our world today, where we look for shortcuts everywhere to save time and space and money. Moringa delivers so many health benefits, it is very affordable and easily absorbed so you can get the most out of every single nutritional compound hidden in this miracle tree.

I hope you enjoyed and found the review of the products beneficial for you.

What’s Your Favorite Moringa Powder Organic and how do you use moringa?

Don’t forget to comment and share this article with any of your friends looking for a natural remedy. Have a great Day 🙂


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