Best Essential Oil for Detox

Best Essential Oils for Detox

About Essential Oils for Detox

You will hopefully have heard about the merits of essential oils, and in particular how they can help you detox your body. While they can certainly do that, it is also the case that when explaining essential oils, much of the information that's been published over the years has created as many questions as it answers.

To try to cut through some of the confusion, and to help you choose the right essential oil for detoxing, and give some advice on we have created this article not only to review 5 of the best, but to also enlighten you on how and why they can do so, with further explanations in our buyer's guide.

For those of you who may not be 100% sure, we have to start our buyer's guide about essential oils for detox with a brief explanation of what they are. 

Essential oils are compounds that have been extracted from plants, and the diversity of them, and the benefits they are known to provide is immense.

Essential oils have been used for centuries to provide positive effects for both body and mind, with some of the earliest recorded uses of them being as far back as 3000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. In the time since, many cultures and religions across the world including Greece, China and India have used essential oils as a key aid in curing and preventing a whole host of ailments. Essential oils have also been used as perfumes, aromatics and exotic fragrances. These cleansing oils have also been used in a myriad of natural remedies

  • detox fatty liver
  • alcohol and drug detoxing
  • removing black mold from the body
  • detoxify massage
  • foot cleaning and antibacterial treatment

just to name a few.

Essential oils for your star sign

Detox Essential oils in our modern world

In our modern world, the role of essential oils is still one in which the well-being of those who use them is a primary consideration. While often regarded as an 'alternative' medicine, it should be noted that there is an abundance of documented evidence of essential oils benefitting the health of individuals, and much of that evidence comes from highly qualified medical professionals.

Just some of the ways in which essential oils have been seen to have a positive impact are boosting energy, calming nerves, relieving stress, treating headaches, aiding digestion, dealing with insomnia, reducing inflammation, treating skin conditions, as antibiotics, colon cleanse (see our Vitamin C Flush also for your colon), through to just putting them in foot or bath water and many more. 

The specific health benefits you derive from an essential oil will normally be dependent on which essential oil you are using. This is due to the fact that each one contains different elements and natural qualities. Essential oils are normally consumed by inhaling their aroma or by being applied to the skin, although a rare few can also be ingested. These means of consumption will also influence the positive health benefits that can be derived.

It is also the case that many essential oils will not state a specific illness that it works for, but rather, it will state a general benefit, under which several ailments may be dealt with. For example, an essential oil which states,  'pain reliever' is not specifying it is for a toothache or a headache, but that its general effect will be to reduce pain, in whatever form that takes.

What is also true is that many of the benefits derived from essential oils will differ between individuals. With an essential oil that is primarily deemed as being 'soothing' it could mean that one person gains relief from a headache brought on by tension, while another individual is able to relax into a restful sleep.

 Essential Oil for feet or belly button oil myth

In terms of essential oils for detox, they will often better facilitate or enhance the body's already excellent ability to detoxify itself. Again, this may take several forms which can include relaxing the individual, giving them an energy boost, or in a more specific way, provide the means to cleanse the skin.

So, while an essential oil may not have the primary role of detoxifying those who use it, it can have a huge influence by supporting that detox to take place quicker, at a higher intensity, and more effectively.

Best 5 Essential Oil Buyers Guide

Aura Cacia Lemon Essential Oil

If you are trying to detox, one thing that is going to enhance that process is if your body is energized and your mind is alert, rather than you being downbeat and lethargic. For that reason, using Aura Cacia's lemon essential oil with its revitalizing and renewing properties, should be an enormous help to you.

This lemon essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit and given how well it can help boost your energy levels, it may go some way to explaining why some people called the peel of citrus fruit, the 'zest.'

Nothing has been added to the oil which means there are no synthetic colors, fragrances or parabens, and another important fact which many of you will be glad to hear, is that it has not been tested on animals.

This lemon essential oil can be used in several ways with the most beneficial being skincare. As it is an astringent it means it can help to detoxify the skin and despite what might sound contradictory, it is especially effective at treating oily skin. For clarification, those are the oils that block pores, create spots and often cause irritation.

Another great way to use this lemon essential oil is in diffusers to create a revitalizing and cooling mist. Simply add 9 drops of the lemon essential oil per 1 ounce of water in a diffuser or mister. To enhance the effect, you could add lavender and peppermint essential oils to the recipe for a fresh fragrance, and to help combat bacteria.


  • Very easy to use

  • 100% pure lemon oil

  • Revitalizing and detoxifying properties

  • Has many uses, including spray cleaner


  • Affected by direct sunlight

  • Can increase chance of sunburn

Aura Cacia Pure Lavender Essential Oil

No review of essential oils would be worthy of the name if there wasn't at least one product related to lavender. Lavender is one of those gifts from mother nature that has been used by humans for centuries. Lavender is not actually classed as a flower, as many believe, but is, in fact, an herb. All parts of the lavender plant are used with fragrances, food recipes, drinks recipes, cosmetics, and soaps just some of the ways we benefit from it.

With this lavender essential oil, there are several ways it can be used to help with detoxification. It is known for its calming and relaxing effects, and as is well documented, your physical well-being often comes as a result of your mental well-being. 

One very simple way it is used is as a liquid soap for cleansing the body. Simply add around 12 drops per ounce of unscented natural body lotion for a body soap that can cleanse and soothe your skin. To do likewise for your face you should reduce the number of drops to 6 when adding to your liquid face soap.

This lavender essential oil can also be added to a diffuser for a scented spray, used as a natural household cleaner and added to your family's laundry so their clothing and bed linen offers them a fresh but calming aroma.


  • No synthetic fragrances or colors

  • Relaxing and calming effect

  • Blends well with other oils

  • Adds fresh aroma to laundry


  • May leak if cap not securely sealed

  • May cause sleeplessness

Aura Cacia Grapefruit Essential Oil

When considering grapefruit, it may be something that you think more likely to appear on a breakfast menu, than something which is used in essential oils. Nevertheless, grapefruit is one of those essential oils which is greatly underrated, given its many positive qualities.

One of the most important in relation to considering essential oils for detox is grapefruit's antibacterial properties. It is known to be particularly effective at helping to combat MRSA compared to other essential oils. 

This grapefruit essential oil can be added to carrier oils such as avocado or jojoba to create a skin lotion that can reduce the effects of acne. 

Instead of applying it directly to the skin the same combinations can be added to bathwater as a bubble bath. This means it is also a great way to keep children's skin healthy, especially in relation to acne for those entering their teenage years.

Aura Garcia's grapefruit essential oil can also be used as a room spray to add a revitalizing and refreshing aroma. For this, add 24 drops of the oil per 2 fluid ounces of water.


  • Powerful antibacterial qualities

  • Relieves skin conditions like acne

  • Makes a refreshing room spray

  • Can be used as children's bubble bath


  • May increase UV light sensitivity

  • May not be safe for pregnant mothers

Aura Cacia Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

Our next review takes a look at another essential oil which could be considered one of the mainstays of the essential oil family. It is also one of the most versatile due to the fact that it can be combined with so many other essential oils and can be used for a multitude of benefits. We obviously can't cover them all, but as we are mainly looking at its health and detox properties, we will look at these first. 

The primary constituent of peppermint is menthol, and this is one of those wonders of nature with so many attributes. It is an analgesic so it can relieve pain, such as headaches, and inflammation. It is also very effective as a muscle relaxant.

You will surely have held your head over a bowl which included menthol if you've ever had blocked sinuses due to a cold. This due to the decongestive nature of menthol, which in turn gives peppermint essential oil the same attribute.

Peppermint oil is also known to combat harmful bacteria, and when used topically it can have antiseptic qualities to help fight skin infections as well as being able to cool and relieve inflamed skin.

You can also use peppermint essential oil as a refresher or revitalizer, and in particular when traveling by adding a few drops to a body spray solution. 

With all these uses, especially those in relation to your skin it is important to know that no synthetic colors, stabilizers or scents are present, and it is also paraben-free.  

Finally, as we mentioned above, this peppermint oil can be easily combined with others, so try adding it to lavender, lemon or eucalyptus to create an even more potent weapon to add to your detox armory.


  • Combines well with other oils

  • Very effective antiseptic

  • Pain relief qualities

  • No artificial colors


  • Scent may not be liked by all

  • Can induce low blood sugar

Aura Cacia Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil

In order to help your body detox, it is important that it is as vibrant and energized as possible and that is why for our fifth review, we are going to look at Aura Cacia Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil. Lemongrass essential oil is well known for its ability to invigorate and revitalize, but they are not its only benefits.

With detox being our primary goal, one of lemongrass essential oil's most important roles can be its ability to seek and fight off free radicals which are the cell-damaging atoms that any detoxification needs to remove. 

One very specific way in which lemongrass essential oil can be used as an antioxidant is by using it to create a mouthwash to help cleanse the mouth of bacteria.  Using it as a mouthwash can also assist with mouth disorders such as gingivitis.

The goal of detoxing can be aided by lemongrass essential oil's antibacterial traits, which include helping to eliminate skin infections, intestinal infections, and those bacteria that can cause pneumonia. It can also help combat fungal infections like those that cause athlete's foot and ringworm. 

Inflammation is another ailment that lemongrass can help deal with and as well as relieving the pain caused by inflammation.

If, thankfully, you have none of the conditions we've mentioned then you can still benefit from lemongrass essential oil's revitalizing qualities by using it in a room spray or by adding it with some water to a candle lamp diffuser.


  • Revitalizing and invigorating

  • Powerful antioxidant qualities

  • Makes an excellent mouthwash

  • Helps relieve inflammation


  • May cause rash to sensitive skin

  • Possible lung problems if inhaled to excess

Final Verdict on the Essential Oil

Each of the essential oils we have looked at comes with a whole host of benefits so we recommend them all for each of the different ways they can help you to detox. If pushed to pick a winner we'd have to say the

                       best essential oil for detox

 is the Aura Cacia Pure Lavender Essential Oil. 

It offers a multitude of health benefits to help you detox, and the fact it can be readily combined with other essential oils, makes it extremely versatile.

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