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Recipes for Clean Eating and Detoxing

Hi, this is Dr. Jim Ken and welcome to the introduction for a series of detox food recipes that you can use to live a healthier and toxin-free life.

We are starting this series because we believe that “you are what you eat”.  So clean eating recipes, healthy breakfast ideas and as we build up our tried and tested recipes we will be releasing a detox clean eating meal plan.

It may feel a little slow to start – but we are actually going to try and test each recipe ourselves first, possibly refine it – so it is well tested before we release it. We also may share some of our failures on the way – as it will help you when you try them if you can learn from our mistakes.

I am lucky that my wife is a professionally trained product development chef.

But first, this is an introduction why do we need to consider detox or anti-inflammatory food.

Let’s talk about Toxins

Toxins enter our bodies most days from chemical additives in foods, preservatives, cleaning products, and other sources in our environment.

While the manufacturers say each of these chemical additives is safe and shouldn’t harm us in small amounts – what if we eat this additive every day.  Bread, for example, many people eat every day. So if the bread you eat contains preservatives or other additives that are not natural, cumulatively, over decades the effects can be disastrous.

I am really worried that many of the diseases that we have in increasing numbers like all these different sorts of cancers may be caused in part from all these nasty chemicals. They are turning up over the last decades since as a country we switched to processed foods, full of additives for color, flavor or preservatives.  The effect of consuming these for years is not well understood. What is the cumulative effect?

Another example, Dementia is on the rise just to mention another big one.  Even in children, ADHD is more common these days and many have allergies – is this because of these trace amounts of chemicals that we consume every day – just building up and building up in our bodies?

Because of the above more and more people are moving to healthier lifestyles such as organics which is growing at an increasing rate every year. 

5 signs that you need to seriously consider a detox

Aches and Pains in Muscles and Joints

Do your body muscles hurt even though you didn’t do much yesterday? Toxins collect in these areas and can cause inflammation. If you are often experiencing low-level discomfort in your joints or muscles, it just might be time for a detox.


Good sleep is important, it is one of the key factors in a long life. Do you find you think you sleep well, but when you wake up you are still tired? Do you lack energy in the day? This may be a sign that your body is trying to rid itself of toxins and is using energy to do so. The result is that you feel worn out often.


An overload of toxins can cause headaches or fuzzy thinking. I often immediately get a headache if I eat food that contains the toxin MSG – almost “zing” I get a headache within 30 minutes – every time.  Other people are even more sensitive and heavy metals, chemical food coloring, preservatives and even aspartame in sugar-free products can cause nasty headaches.

So we need to all work on detoxing our lives, homes, and food.  In Daily Detox Hacks we have lots of tips around getting unhealthy chemicals that are used to clean our home out of your life. But here we are trying to get it out of our food.

Remember the old adage – you are what you eat. Well, I say start with your diet – after all, if you are eating nasty additives, this is potentially far more harmful than some getting on your skin.  I mean inside your body this can have a great detrimental effect and often quite quickly.

So we are going to work on developing a set of detox diet recipes – but also we are going to try to have really nice and tasty recipes, so that you actually enjoy eating them.

Start with your diet by where at all possible eliminating processed foods. 

Go back to organic, natural foods with ingredients you can understand. 

Eating organic foods will help to eliminate chemical additives, hormones, and pesticides from your diet.

detox bread
Our Detox Bread – Under Development

Even doing this can have a huge effect.

So we are launching shortly a whole series of recipes based around detoxing, anti-inflammatory food etc. We will be trying to get one out each week or so, but because we are developing and testing them first we sometimes maybe a little late.

If you would like to get each new recipe as it comes out here You can sign up here and we send them straight to your inbox just before they come out – and we will also send you a free ebook on detoxing.

Our first recipe will be a detox bread (see the picture above – we are nearly finished developing the recipe. We have been working on over the last 10 days.

It is almost ready – remember sign up here and we will email to you

Of course do not ignore working on reducing the amount of chemicals in your environment by using chemical-free cleaning products, soaps natural air fresheners and BPA-free plastics.  Use natural remedies where you can.

Stay hydrated and drink at least eight glasses of water a day to help flush toxins from your system.

Exercise will also help to get the juices flowing so toxins are flushed from your system.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to developing this exciting program with you.  I would welcome any comments or if you would like to send in a favorite recipe we would love to try it.

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