Armpit Detox

Well simply put, you may be considering a move to a non toxic deodorant. If you are going to do this - a good way to start is by detoxing your underarms.

So in summary, why we do an armpit detox is to help break the skin’s reliance on antiperspirants.

But also to cleanse the surface of the skin and to calm irritation. 

One of the other benefits is to lessen the bodies need for excessive sweating often caused by antiperspirants.

Detoxifying Armpits - Ready for  a Non Toxic Deodorant

Detoxing Armpit

If you (like me) have been using the normal antiperspirants, these by nature are designed to stop you sweating. Sweeting is the bodies natural way to regulate temperature among other things. Letting the body sweat is actually a good thing.  

Blocking up your bodies pores with chemicals is not.

How to stop using antiperspirants which are full of chemicals is something that excites me.

Some of the additives in these antiperspirants are Aluminum.

There is evidence that links aluminum to cancer. Also Alzheimer’s disease has been partly associated with Aluminum.

Parabens - These chemicals are really bad in my opinion - and a quick search will indicate that they may cause breast cancer. Especially if used over an extended period of time.

Sure, the amount of paraben in a stick of antiperspirant may be small - but first think - you apply this every day. Day after Day - imagine the build up.


If these are as bad as they actually say then I would rather avoid them. 

Why do you think that relatively recently -  many of the large manufacturers are now stating “Paraben Free” on their cosmetics. But they largely seem to have ignored the antiperspirant market.

There are literally hundreds of different additives in these products - have a look at your current deodorant or antiperspirant and see what is in it and then think if you like putting these on your armpits - day after day.

Remember, your armpits are right on top of your lymph nodes,  putting these chemicals can not help your body at all.

Some of these additives and odor-fighting products may also affect the body's immune system responses.

Summary for detoxing your under arms.

The armpits are the body's exit points and it is smart to keep them open.

Deodorants are designed to mask the smell from sweating not clog your pores with dangerous chemicals.

Antiperspirants are designed to reduce sweating (they often clog the pores)

Armpit Detoxification Recipe

Let's get started on the detoxifying underarms.

Armpit detox is relatively simple and involves ingredients which people probably already have in their homes.

Mix together the ingredients in a glass bowl.


Also use a non-metal stirrer because the Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic with quite a low pH.

You do not want the metal spoon to start dissolving into your detox mix.


Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay - 1 Tablespoon.

I usually buy a 5lb bag - as I use it for other cleansing processes. e.g face masks.  I found this Organic Clay to be good quality and great value.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 Tablespoon.

I used the unfiltered Bragg Organic.  You can also read more about Apple Cider Vinegar here. Plus it also has other uses like helping with Constipation.


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil 1 Tablespoon.

Coconut oil helps as a carrier and emulsifier. Again I found an organic one.  


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil - just put one or two drops.

It is quite strong, but is a natural antibacterial agent. According to how elaborate you want to make this underarm "mask" - other essential oils can also be added in place of Tea Tree oil.

I used Artizen Tree essential oil and found it to be great.

Then add water 1 teaspoon at a time and start to mix.

You need to get it to a paste like consistency - similar to a stiff yoghurt.

When finished - put some plastic over the bowel to stop it drying out.

How to Detox your Armpits

Detox Underarm

first wash and Dry your armpits

Add a thin layer under each armpit

You can use your finger to do this or a soft brush of a suitable size.

Leave it there for 2 - 3 minutes

Wash it off immediately if any discomfort or stinging sensation occurs.  I left it on for 2-3 minutes the first time - before later increasing it to 20 minutes.

When the time is up - cleanse the area well with warm water.

Repeat the process until there is no odor from the underarms.

detoxed Armpits

How many days you do it is up to your body - I found 2-3 days were enough for me. (Morning and evening) But you may require longer.  

Some people do an extended detox for 2-4 weeks putting the mix on once in the morning and then at night as per the instructions above.

While you are doing your detox do not put anything like deodorant - you want your skin to cleanse.

I repeated this process, starting on a Friday and finishing on a Sunday and found that there was no residual odor from my underarms.

I then moved to a natural deodorant.

Moving to a non toxic deodorant.

Folks who have used the normal, chemical based deodorants and antiperspirants for a long time may have produced lots of bacteria in the armpit. This of course increases odor and causes more sweating.

Doing the Detox above will help get the bacteria back in balance. 

The result is a more natural smell. 

The two brands of Natural Deodorant that worked for me are shown below.

I finally settled on the 3 pack because it was slightly cheaper and I actually found all the scents worked well for me.

For Men I suggest Baxter of California - it is slightly more expensive but comes highly recommended.

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