Andy Ruiz jr ig Weight Loss 

By  Jim Ken

Andy Ruiz jr ig Weight Loss

Andy Ruiz Jr ig worked hard to achieve six-pack abs with his training coach, Eddy Reynoso. This goes after he lost against Anthony Joshua with a tremendous weight of 141 kg (310 lbs).

The Mexican-American boxer says there is a huge chance that he will return to the ring with a transformed body.

His followers were amazed by how the heavyweight champ achieved his weight loss. Questions arose over social media like twitter about this. Many were asking if,

Did he use diet pills? 

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Did he have surgery?

Did he have a personal gym trainer?

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Let's see how Andy Ruiz, Jr. lost a significant amount of weight.

How Did Andy Ruiz Lost Weight?

Andy Ruiz Jr has shown off a slimmer body transformation as he prepares to return in the ring late this year.

He goes to a masterclass from British ace Joshua, who has massively bulked him up for his fight with Kubrat Pulev. In a recent Instagram post, Ruiz showed up a slender frame during his new training video. 

He captioned the uploaded video clip of himself working on his core, "One of my favorite core workouts.” 

The fans were very quick to notice on his weight loss saying, "Dang, you look slimmer. Keep up the good work, bro.” Some also commented on his post with a remark, "Look about 4-5 stone lighter!”

In an interview with USA Today, Ruiz said that he wanted to be more toned to have more ability, more speed, more power, and turn his little flab into muscles.

“I’m not trying to be with six-pack abs and big muscles and all that. None of that, you know. But just look a little different and leaner. That’s something I’m working on now, choosing the right foods. If not, I would be eating a three-patty hamburger with bacon and all kinds of cheese."

Ruiz, the second heaviest defending champion in heavyweight history, lbs heavier for his heavyweight world title rematch against Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia.  His weight loss journey comes with the right team beside him as well as the right equipment too. He stated that he is going to work out for his benefit and for his favor. 

Ruiz clearly said that the main thing that he is going to do while losing weight is being focused.

What Is Andy Ruiz's Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

Speaking to Sky Sports, Andy Ruiz's personal chef and nutritionist, Zo's Meal Plans, revealed the daily diet of the heavyweight champion. But his nutritionist warned that this is going to be a whole lot of different, "This is a heavyweight champ. Andy isn't a lightweight," he added.

Andy Ruiz's ideal meal is always cuts and portions of steak. According to Zo, his first meal of the day typically consists of:

  • omelet with mushrooms
  • spinach and avocados
  • hash browns

While these might be too heavy for some, these are good ideas since an egg omelet is a good source of protein, zinc, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Also, mushrooms are a good source of increased energy levels that gives protein, fiber, and iron. Monounsaturated fats are also found in avocados.

During his lunch, he keeps it light since he trains during the mid-day. To prevent his stomach from aching, he chooses chicken wrap or chicken salad. Chicken is an ideal meal for Andy Ruiz since it can fuel the muscle. Plus, the greens wrapped to it bring low-fat to its body.

Zo's Meal Plan revealed that Ruiz has been a fan of Arabian food ever since he came to the country. "We just left Saudi Arabia and Andy tried some rice there," said Zo's Meal Plans to Sky Sports. "He loved it, and now I have to try and replicate that rice! He likes food in Saudi Arabia."

Aside from that, pasta and other high-carb food are also his favorite thing to eat to tone-up his energy levels.

How Much Does Andy Ruiz Weigh Now?

His 268-pound played a huge real in his loss from the first fight against Anthony Joshua. The second time around, Andy Ruiz weighed 14 pounds lighter got him from his WBO, WBA, and IBF titles. 

The result of the second match shocked many of his fans since he came out as way better than before. He showed a revamped version of himself with better ability and strength. 

Now, Ruiz has currently no lined-up fight but he wanted to face Dillian Whyte. In an interview with eSNEWS he said, "I’d like to fight Dillian Whyte, and I’d like to shut him up. That would be an amazing fight in the United States or over there. I know I can win. I feel like I can win against Everybody, but it’s just up to me."

This statement was made after the two had an online word war when Whyte claimed Ruiz rejected a £4million offer to face him.

The Mexica-American boxer also wants to fight off a mega-fight with WBC champion Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder. 

Who is Andy Ruiz Wife?

He's married to Julie Ruiz and they have 5 children.

Not too much is know about her - and she seems very nice and a little shy. She has mentioned god in a number of interviews so we can take that she has a good faith also.

See the video of Andy Ruiz wife after a fight and she reacts to knockout. - She could be an andy ruiz meme. What do you think

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