Hi there, I’m Sophia, the voice behind Daily Detox Hacks. I am a mama of 2 wild-n-crazy boys, and have been married to my best friend for 10 years. We love our home here in Southern California, and love the holistic lifestyle we live. Our family enjoys eating real, homemade meals out of delicious, organic foods. We enjoy growing and harvesting our garden. We love learning and exploring new things. And most of all, we love sharing all of these things with others.  

Why Do I Write This Blog?

We all have a “Why”.  Why we do what we do.…why we are so passionate about certain things in our lives.  

My “why” started about 8 years ago, when I became chronically ill. You see, I didn’t always live a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, I basically lived off of processed food and frequently went through the drive- thru at the nearest fast food restaurant.  And like most people, my bad habits took a heavy toll on my health.  

I went from doctor to doctor and spent thousands of dollars on tests, only to find out that there was “nothing” wrong with me. I was told that maybe I just had a little bit of a hormonal imbalance, or maybe I was just having anxiety.  In fact, my doctor even put me on medications for depression and anxiety, which had horrible side effects that made me feel even worse. That’s when I took my health into my own hands and turned to holistic medicine. 

I made an appointment with a functional medicine doctor who ran some tests, and I found out that I had a chronic autoimmune condition.  That’s when I decided right then and there that I was going to make some major changes in my life. I began researching like crazy and found out that my body could heal itself on its own; all it needed was the right resources to do it with! In order to do this, we had to change our diet, start using non-toxic cleaners and beauty products, and stop using medications that were only masking our symptoms, instead of bringing us healing. The more I applied these things to my life, the better I felt, and the more addicted I became to learning more!  I have witnessed not only the transformation of my own health, but also of my children and my husband.  We are no longer striving in everything that we do, we are thriving!

You may have noticed when I introduced myself that I’m not a doctor or certified nutritionist. There are no special letters behind my name except - "a real mom" Dealing with real health issues. Struggling to balance it all. My goal is not only to educate people on living a healthier lifestyle, but also to empower them to do so. They say knowledge is power, right?

Well, I am here to give you the knowledge you need to stay vibrant and healthy in a toxic world. The mission is to bring you latest trends in Healthy, Non-Toxic Living, dieting tips, nutrition facts, beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and more! My goal is to help you how you can easily incorporate these things into the crazy, busy lifestyles we all love these days.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Ever hear the saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world”? 

I truly believe that if we want to see big changes around us, we need to start with ourselves. Was it easy changing my entire lifestyle? No.  Was it worth it?  Yes!  I want to show you that it is easier than you think.  

I want you to join me in making an impact on the people around you, and that starts with making an impact on yourself.  Once you see and feel the changes in yourself, others will see it also and want what you have. That is why I created Daily Detox Hacks, to make all of the resources, ideas and motivation you need live healthy, vibrant life. I believe that good health starts with nutrition, so I will share a lot about that, as well as natural wellness, nutrition and skincare. I will also update you on the natural beauty, style and wellness, natural and easy ways to detox your body and mind, reviews for the best products on the market, recipes, and more!

Join me as I share my journey with you, and we can learn together along the way!