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About Daily Detox Hacks


Sofia Wilson

The voice behind Daily Detox Hacks.

About me

“The mission of Daily Detox Hacks is to help you learn how to reduce your exposure to toxins, stress, worry and other negative influences.

Not sure how? This is where you'll Learn:

  • Ways To Create A Non-Toxic Home
  • Detox Your Life
  • Detoxify Your Skin Care Routine
  • Ways To Improve your Wellness And Inner Peace
  • Super Healthy Food Trends You Haven't Tried
Dr Jim

Dr Jim Ken

Helping Sofia with a Scientific approach.

Dr Jim Ken has recently joined daily detox hacks.

 Dr Jim has a PhD. BSc.(Hons) in Chemistry and has undertaken research in a wide variety of fields from analysing blood and its interaction with toxins through to how metals move though our enviroment.

“I have a real interest in subjects like removing toxins from our whole system"  

I also believe in a wellness strategy that covers diet, body, mind and soul.

I look forward to helping Sofia.

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