Maqui Berry Powder 2018’s Newest Superfood,What to Expect (Best Brands To Buy )

Maqui Berry Powder 2018's Newest Superfood ,What to Expect (Best Brands To Buy )

What do you anticipate adding for Up Your Smoothie Game in 2018?

I know practically everyone answer blueberries, blackberries, black currants, acai , yes they are very good for health also high in antioxidants . But do you know there’s a new superfood vying for star of the juice cleanse, and it’s called the maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis).

With 4x higher antioxident than blue berry and 2x than aci berry Maqui Berry Powder is being hailed as THE SUPERFRUIT of superfruits. It tops all other berries previously touted for being exceedingly high in antioxidants. This means the health benefits are off the charts.

A Little History and where does it come from?

The Maqui Berry (Aristotelia chilensis) comes from Chile and has been used by the Mapuche tribe for hundreds of years. It is a berry with magical and medicinal properties, considered a sacred plant by the people who use it locally.

Thanks to the harsh climatic conditions, where theses berries grow wild, they have developed high levels of phenolic compounds to ensure its survival. Anthocyanins are produced by plants for self-protection against, sun, irradiation, diseases, and biological enemies.

Scientifically it has been proven that this berry tops all berries in its antioxidant properties. It has been hailed as the No.1 berry to eat for your health.

Fortunately these antioxidants are preserved in maqui berry powder, so it is very beneficial to supplement your diet with this amazing berry.

Maqui Berry Powder 2018's Newest Superfood

Maqui berry powders are readily available from Amazon, which is good news as it is not a commonly cultivated plant yet. And many food stores don’t stock it. Before rushing off to buy the first maqui berry powder you find,

Check out my review of 5 best, value for money, maqui berry powders and make an informed choice.

The Maqui Berry Powders to be reviewed are:

Proven Benefits of Maqui Berry Powder

Quoting directly from the Maqui Research carried out at the Maqui Research at Universidad Austral de Chile and directed by Drs Burgos and Hancke (source), Maqui berries have properties that may:

  • “Support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory 
  • Boost immune system
  • Neutralize enzymes that destroy connective tissue, preventing oxidants from damaging connective tissue, and repairing
  • damaged proteins in the blood-vessel walls.
  • Lighten allergic reactions and increase capillary permeability.
  • Promote cardiovascular health by preventing oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and protecting blood vessels wall from oxidative damage.
  • Maintain small blood vessel integrity by stabilizing capillary walls.
  • May improve eyesight "

Off the Chart Antioxidant Levels

This means Maqui Berries contain an excessive amount of polyphenols and antioxidants (source) like flavanols, anthocyanins and delphinidins.

With the many properties found in these specific polyphenols the Maqui berry and maqui berry powder may reverse the signs of aging by increasing blood flow all over body, which allows more oxygen to reach cells, thus reducing inflammatory conditions that gather at infection sites in the body and cause painful conditions.

Can Aid in Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory diseases include conditions like asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia and cystic fibrosis.

The results of a study (source) published in March 2015, showed that maqui berry extract neutralized pulmonary oxidative stress and normalized hydrogen peroxide and IL-6 concentrations.

This means giving up smoking and taking maqui berry powder can actually reverse damage caused by cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

Boosts Immune System: Longevity and Anti Aging

Bioflavonoids in Maqui Berry Powder (source) act as powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. This in turn allows the body to optimize its’ functions by supplying more oxygen to the cells, improving circulation. This means toxins get moved out efficiently and vitamins and minerals from wholesome foods can be properly assimilated, absorbed and utilized.

Boosting your immune system prevents you from getting sick. You have more energy which means you perform at higher levels, enjoying more from everything you do! Healthy cells stay younger for longer.

A strong, well functioning immune system means you are making sure you take in fresh fruit and vegetables a soften as possible and supplementing with top shelf brands that produce, ethically sound, environmentally friendly powders from sustainable sources, to supplement your wholefood diet.

Anti Viral, Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial and PRO health!

High levels of delphinidins and anthocyanins in Maqui berries and maqui berry powders mean that your body can fight infections on all levels. Staving off colds and flu or boosting brain power and memory.

Ensures healthy digestion by increasing gut flora and restoring cells to a healthy germ free state, the antioxidants in these berries are extremely effective thanks to naturally occurring *high levels of phytonutrients.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Protecting the Heart

Delphinidins, the antioxidants in maqui berry powder, lower fats in blood. This in turn allows blood to become thinner and prevents plaque build up on artery walls.

This reduces the risk of atherosclerosis (source), which is a hardening of the veins and can lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Reduces Inflammation: 

Cancer is a result of cells being corrupted and unable to perform their functions. Inflammation is the symptom of many conditions in the body when it is not functioning optimally.

Free radicals run rampant and the body cannot fight off infections, inflammation sets in and eventually certain cancers can present. Adding a super powerful, antioxidant rich, nutrient dense supplement to your daily diet can prevent diseases in later life.

maqui berry powder daily dosage 

The antioxidant rich Maqui Berry powder measured almost 50% higher in antioxidants than fresh berries! Fresh they measure 138mg per 100 grams of anthocyanins but freeze dried and made into powder, they contain 212mg per 100 grams.

This is one fruit that is actually more beneficial in powder form!

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of Maqui berries is over 27 600 per 100g. Compare that to a value of 16 700 for Acai berries, the previous berry at No.1.

Which Maqui Berry Powders can Deliver the Goods?

Of 10 Maqui Berry Powders reviewed by myself and others, 5 brands stuck out more than the rest. Tested on strength, flavor, grittiness, price, packaging and quality, they are;

Organic Maqui Powder - 4 o-z Resealable Bag - 100% Raw From Chile - by Feel Good Organics.

This Organic Maqui Powder promises to keep skin healthy, aid weight loss, slow aging and boost immunity. It is a good price. You get 37 servings in 4 oz.

What I like

  • is 100% Certified USDA Organic
  • was harvested in Patagonia (a nutrient dense origin)
  • Offers a Money Back Guarantee
  • is Non GMO
  • is Gluten Free
  • is Vegan
  • comes in 2 oz and 4 oz resealable pouches
  • is 100% raw and freeze dried

What I don't Like 

The only problem with this product is that it doesn’t carry a warning advising pregnant or breast feeding woman to practice caution. It also doesn’t say whether it was packed in a facility where nuts were handled.

Kiva Organic Maqui Berry Powder

This was slightly pricier than the Feel Good brand but it had a slightly tarter flavor and so you needed a bit less per serving. You get 57 servings from 4 oz. It also boasts being.

It is from Chile but packed in States. This brand  promotes healthy weight loss, improved cardiovascular health. Claims to be high in potassium, iron, vitamins C and A. Will boost immune functions.

What I like

  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Freeze Dried

What I don't Like 

The only problem with this product is that it doesn’t carry a warning advising pregnant or breast feeding woman to practice caution. It also doesn’t say whether it was packed in a facility where nuts were handled

This brand is the most popular, highest selling brand at the moment (although i actually prefer the Isla Natura myself) People who tried it said it was less gritty than other brands.

It comes in 4 or 8 oz resealable pouches. Reasonably priced.

What I like

  • certified organic from the USDA
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Raw
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Nutrient Dense

What I don't Like 

One possible con is that the powder gets transported to the USA and packed here and not in Chile. So is it totally Fair Trade? It is the most popular brand though so the taste outweighs this notion. And it isn’t advertised as a Fair Trade company anyway.

This is my personal favorite. It is the smoothest of all the brands but still contains crazy high amounts of anthocyanins and delphinidins.

I like this brand best because it is picked, produced and packaged in Chile. So buying this brand supports the local economy and makes it a good fair trade product.

It is wild harvested in Patagonia, ensuring berries are nutrient dense. They promote their product as a great aid for weight loss and nature’s most powerful antioxidant to date.

You get 3 months supply for $35.00! Or you can buy a smaller size for $18.00 (4 oz)

What I like

  • Boosts energy
  • 100% Fruit
  • No Additives
  • Packed with Antioxidants

What I don't Like 

One possible con is that it doesn’t come in a resealable pouch. But it is 100% Chilean.

This is the other No.1 choice purely because this is a bulk buy.

Perfect for a family of 4 or more. It is also great for people who run little juice and smoothie bars, or who are part of a social yoga or fitness group.

There is enough product in this for a whole class of 15 to have smoothies 2 times a week, for 10 weeks!

Each 1 kg packet has 333 servings!

A family of 5 can have this maqui berry powder with their breakfast every day for 3 months!

What I like

  • 100% Fruit, no additives and fillers
  • Non GMO
  • A Product of Chile
  • Freeze Dried
  • CCOF and USDA organic certification

What I don't Like 

This product is quite expensive .

Final words

Choose your product based on your specific needs. The bulk pack will not be good choice if you are single or only going to use it every now and then. Buy it if you plan to use for the whole family, everyday.

If you are particular about bits, go for the smoother Isla Natura which has been deseeded.   

If you want a power house smoothie to boost your energy and your immunity the choice is yours. Kiva, Feel Good and Terrasoul have all had good reviews and all offer a quality powder in convenient resealable pouches.

The only concern with this product is that it doesn’t carry a warning advising pregnant or breast feeding woman to practice caution or whether nuts get handled in the same facility.

maqui berry powder side effects

If you are pregnant, breast feeding or have an allergy to berries, avoid taking maqui berry.

If you suffer from berry allergies Maqui Berries may cause reactions.

Check for products that may contain fillers and additives as these can react with prescribed medications or make them unsuitable for diabetics.

Always read the labels on any supplements you buy.

Maqui Berry Powder 2018's Newest Superfood

Blueberry Powder Nutritional Facts, Benefits & Uses (3 Major Side Effects OF Eating Too Much)

Blueberry Powder_ What It Is, Its Nutritional Benefits, Side Effects, How to Use It and Where to Buy It.

Blueberry powder is an amazing, out of season alternative to fresh blueberries.

Nothing beats the juicy sweetness of ripe, organic blueberries but we don’t always have the choice of fresh fruit.

Frozen berries, while still giving some nutritional benefit, just don’t have same palatability.

This is one of the reasons why blueberry powder is such a great choice. The concentrated taste of the blueberry powder, made from freeze dried berries, is perfect for adding to smoothies.

Blueberry powders are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients and have increased bioavailabilty when consumed in powder form. Blueberry powder can be used for adding to muffins, cereals and frozen yogurts.

Top Choice 

For Tea Lovers

What is Blueberry Powder?

Most of us have tasted blueberries at some stage in our lives, or at least had some kind of blueberry flavored cake or drink. But fresh blueberries can be quite expensive and if you like using them regularly for their health benefits then buying a blueberry powder product often works out cheaper in the long run.

The powder goes further and still contains beneficial active ingredients (source).

Blueberries have long been used medicinally, the leaves and fruit have been taken as teas to treat a wide range of ailments. The berries have been used to make wines, elixirs, syrups and liquors.

The blueberry is wildly popular among health enthusiasts. I recommend adding this fruit to your regular diet.

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants called anthocyanins.

Eating just 10 berries 3 x week is enough to feel their benefits, which include improved circulation throughout the body from treating gum infections to reducing swelling of feet and ankles.

Blueberry Powder infographic

Blueberry powder is made by extracting and squeezing the pulp, skin and seeds of the berries using a low thermal, freeze drying method. This process locks in the nutrients and most good quality brands will be preservative free and organically produced and grown.

Different Types of Blueberries

types of blueberry

The blueberry is native to North America and is part of the genus Vaccinium. This genus includes loganberries, cranberries, and huckleberries.

You get wild blueberries and cultivated ones. The wild ones creep along the ground and are smaller in size, which means there is more skin. More skin means more antioxidants.

Therefore 1 cup of wild berries will have double the antioxidant value (source) compared to cultivated berries. Of all the berries it is the blueberry that is highest in anthocyanins, which is the flavonoid responsible for the deep purple coloring. 

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits of Blueberries and Blueberry Powder

Blueberry Powder are loaded with goodness, whether eaten fresh, used as a supplement in smoothies or taken as a tea. They are known for being high in antioxidants. They are high in fiber and loaded with vitamins, essential minerals and trace elements, exactly what is needed to keep your heart, mind and circulatory system functioning well.

1.  Packed with Antioxidants

  • Antioxidants are the molecules that prevent the oxidation of free radicals which in turn can damage healthy cells.
  • Antioxidants reduce inflammation (Source) and help to boost the body’s immune system.
  • Antioxidants often work in conjunction with other phytonutrients present in fruit and their combined reactions cover a range of benefits from increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently to improving general vitality and increasing energy levels.

Antioxidants are not destroyed through the process of extracting fruit and producing powder so you still reap the benefits you would get from eating fresh blueberries.

2. Crammed with Vitamins and Minerals

  • Blueberries are high in vitamins C, A and K.
  • They contain calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous (source)
  • Also present in trace amounts are copper, manganese, iron and zinc

3. Loaded with Fiber

Fiber is essential for healthy digestion (source) and nutrient assimilation. Blueberries have roughly 3.7g of fiber per 150g which is about a cup’s worth. This makes up between 15-20% of your daily recommended allowance.

4. Full of Phytochemicals

Blueberries are full of phytochemicals like resveratol, bioflavonoids, and anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. These phytonutrients are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti cancer, anti microbial and anti adhesive.

Antioxidants are phytochemicals that work synergistically with vitamins and minerals to heal the body.

Benefits of using ​BLUEBERRY POWDER Regularly

The list of disease and health conditions that can be prevented is just by eating blueberry 3 or more times a week is astonishing.

8 Amazing Benefits of Blueberry Powder

Antioxidants improve circulation

The action of antioxidants create better circulation throughout the body. This means the whole body benefits. When the circulation in a person is functioning the blood supply to organs and cells is sufficient.

With good circulation your cells receive enough oxygen and vitamins and nutrients can be carried and supplied to all parts of the body.

Bad circulation could lead to a host of health issues like:

  • kidney damage
  • varicose veins
  • heart diseases
  • stroke
  • hypertension
  • high blood pressure
  • arteriosclerosis
  • aneurysms

BLUEBERRY POWDER may prevent cancer

Cancer is the result of chronic, excessive oxidative stress. Blueberries contain a range of antioxidants like anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. These neutralize free radicals in the body that damage cells. If a person doesn’t take in enough antioxidants, oxidative stress occurs.

The high content of antioxidants in blueberries, especially wild blueberries, may boost the body’s immune system and reverse the effects caused by oxidative stress.

Freshly squeezed blueberry juice is also high in potassium, another essential nutrient that prevents cancer.

Cardiovascular disease and Resveratrol

Heart disease is the result of hardening of the arteries, called atherosclerosis. When the blood becomes fatty, cholesterol forms. Eventually a hardening of the arteries occurs. This leads to cardiovascular disease.

Resveratrol is found in the skin of blueberries. This compound lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and thins the blood. The platelets in blood lose the fat as well as the ability to build up on the walls of arteries, reducing risk of heart disease.

Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C for Eye Health

Blueberries are high in vitamin C which contain bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids act as antioxidants.

Macular degeneration is a condition that occurs when the blood vessels and fragile capillaries in the eye are damaged by wear and tear, sunshine or a weakening system through poor diet.

As the capillaries burst and heal, scars form inside eye, oxidative damage occurs at cellular level and eyesight deteriorates. The bioflavonoids, like those found in blueberries, can reverse the oxidative damage and prevent macular degeneration.

Improved eye health would also improve the condition of night blindness.

Helps for Arthritis, Joint Pain and Gout

Conditions like arthritis, gout, muscle and joint pain (source) are all symptoms of inflammation. Inflammation in the body is a condition that occurs in the early stage of diseases and is a sign of infection or dis-ease which points to more serious underlying conditions.

Antioxidants in blueberries have anti-inflammatory properties.

Increasing your intake of foods high in antioxidants, like blueberries and specifically wild blueberries, may reduce inflammation and ease the pain associated with arthritis, swollen feet and ankles, gout and joint and muscle pain.

Prevent Age Related Diseases

Blueberries contain a host of antioxidants like resveratol, anthocyanins and pterostilbenes. These phytonutrients are not destroyed through freezing methods, like vitamins are. They contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Oxidative stress caused by free radicals can cause plaque to form on the brain. This impedes the flow of blood and oxygen to vital cells and aging occurs at a faster rate. This can lead to poor memory, cognitive dysfunction and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

The antioxidants in blueberries may improve memory and slow down aging, reducing the risk of dementia and improving brain function.

Relief from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Blueberries have polyphenolic compounds called proanthocyanidins, which have anti microbial, anti adhesive and anti-inflammatory properties.

Urinary tract infections present as cystitis and bladder infections. Left untreated they can even cause kidney disease.

The proanthocyanidins and biofavonoids in blueberries may inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and also prevent it from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract. The anti-inflammatory properties may also bring relief to people who have already got a UTI.

Health Issues Related to Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is a major cause of conditions like diabetes and obesity. A diet high in sugar also causes intestinal disturbances due to yeast infections that can develop from high sugar intake.

Yeast infections kill off healthy gut bacteria that produce vitamin K, essential for correct blood viscosity.

Hypoglycemia occurs when a person’s blood sugar levels drop too low and can cause mild to severe symptoms from dizziness, confusion to comatose states.

Blueberries are high in natural, healthy sugars which can bring people out of a hypoglycemic state.

They also have a low glycaemic load, meaning they also stabilize blood sugar levels. This means your appetite regulates, helping to stay full longer, aiding weight maintenance. It also assists with diabetes. The GL of a serving of blueberries is only 5.

Eating yogurt (with probiotic cultures) mixed with blueberry powder or fresh berries will improve intestinal health, ensure healthy gut flora and aid weight loss.

Prevention is better than cure!

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Blueberries should be added to everyone's regular diet, as the benefits are too amazing to ignore!

3 Major Side Effects OF Eating Too Much Blueberry Powder

Salicylate Sensitivity

Blueberries contain high levels of salicylates. So if you are allergic to something like aspirin, eating blueberries would cause you to break out in a rash or develop a headache.


For diabetics, taking too large a dose of a blueberry powder may bring on low blood sugar and cause dizziness.

This can be avoided by ensuring you eat the fresh berries or take in a powder that is 100% pure berry extract and has not been boosted with other herbal fillers.

The brands I have reviewed below are all safe for diabetics. As long as they only take the recommended dose.

Diabetics also need to use caution when taking the leaves of blueberries in tea form as this remedy will also cause blood sugar levels to drop.

Vitamin K overload

For people taking medication that thins the blood, eating large amounts of blueberries can cause an increased risk of bleeding. This is due to the high levels of vitamin K found naturally in blueberries. For healthy people there is no risk.

Blueberries: How much should we eat daily?

blueberry powder

Fresh Berries: Just by adding ¼ cup of fresh berries to your diet 3 x week will improve your overall health.  Your energy will increase and your immune system will get stronger.

Adding ½ cup to your daily diet would be even better because then your body will even start to heal from more serious health issues mentioned above.

Blueberry Powder: Depending on the product you choose to buy you will need to take between 1 level teaspoon and 1 level tablespoon to get full nutritional benefits that blueberries have to offer.

You only need to take this amount once a day. It is very easy to add blueberry powder to your daily diet.

How To Use Blueberry Powder

Some Ideas for Adding Blueberry Powder : Use 1 or 2 level teaspoons or 1 level tablespoon per serving. So if you are making for more than one person adjust accordingly.

Smoothies: Add banana, blueberry powder and equal amounts of coconut milk and water with a dash of organic cinnamon powder.

Veggie Juices: Juice carrot, cucumber, dates and blueberry powder for a really vital start to your day.

Baking: Add blueberry powder to your muffin mix. TIP: add the powder to dry ingredients and then mix.

blueberry Smoothies
blueberry powder recipes

Breakfast: Whether you are eating hot or cold oats, just add powder and stir in. Do the same for yogurts.

Desserts: Add to frozen yogurts or dairy treats. Blueberry powder is a delicious flavor to add to vanilla milkshakes too.

Where to Buy Good Quality Blueberry Powder

The products listed below are good choices when buying blueberry powder because

  • They contain 100% blueberries.
  • They contain no preservatives or additives.
  •  And are organically grown.
  • For extra strength antioxidants pick a wild blueberry powder.

Note:Always check the label to see what the recommended dose is for that particular brand, although you can always add more or less depending on your personal taste.

Best 5 Blueberry Powders Brand

Nubeleaf Organic Blueberry Powder 14 Ounce Jar

For Tea Lovers:

Blueberry Powder infographic

Black Cumin Seed Oil – Uses & Benefits (+Side Effects) of This Ancient Egyptian Wonder

Black Cumin Seed Oil - Uses & Benefits (+Side Effects) of This Ancient Egyptian Wonder

In the ancient days, people used to rely on natural remedies that people in the modern days forgot. Medications found in nature have a high importance place in looking after well-being. One of those is Black Seed Oil (Source).

Many scientists and health specialists have found accomplishment. By joining regular medicinal medications with appropriate approaches to help the body.  One of these rooted cures that have increased late fame is Black Seed Oil or Nigella Sativa.


Black Cumin Seed Oil also referred as Black Coriander Oil, or, Black Oil originates from the Nigella Sativa plant Believed to originate in Egypt, the plant is now cultivated in North Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

Later studies on this capable seed oil state it might be useful in fighting superbugs like Helicobacter pylori or MRSA and cancer patients (source).

The small, black, thick formed cumin seed is most generally known to as 'black seeds' or 'black cumin seeds.' Marginally it is bent with a particular rough surface that makes them unique and straightforward to recognize. The seeds are part of the buttercup family.

Over 630 scientific peer evaluated articles distributed about black seed oil benefits, one reality is clear: there are few issues that it can't enable the body to overcome. With no reactions, the recovering ability of black seed is quite broad, and it confuses the mind that most Americans have never known about it!

Black cumin seed oil is one of the most leading substances on earth that helps in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Facts About Black Seed Oil (Nigella Savita Seed)

Facts About Black Seed Oil (Nigella Savita Seed) Source

Top 12 Scientific Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black seed oil has shown potential in treating some of the most common health conditions, including high blood pressure and asthma. It also shows high antifungal activity against Candida albicans — yeast that can overgrow in the body and lead to candidiasis.  There are other types of black seed oil health benefits include:

Black Cumin Seed Oil For Asthma & Allergies

Many studies state that black seed oil has anti-asthmatic impacts and relying upon the reason for asthma. It was in some cases more successful than traditional treatment; similar properties make it valuable for mitigating sensitivities for some individuals.

Black Cumin Seed For Fungus and Candida

Black seed oil was also found to be useful in battling candida and fungal infections in the digestive system and on the skin.

Black Cumin Seed For Heart Health

Thymoquinone in Nigella Sativa seeds has also found to have a protective effect on the heart, stimulate healthy cholesterol levels and help normalize blood pressure.

Black Cumin Seed Oild For Skin and Hair

It is also used in some cultures to soften, strengthen and firm skin and help increase hair growth. Some studies even recommend that it may be a handy remedy against scars and to prevent scar formation on wounds.

Infection (MRSA)

A 2010 research found that black seed oil was helpful for patients with h.pylori infections (without ulcers).  The studies have also shown that Nigella Sativa was effective against MRSA.

Black Cumin Seed May Prevent Cancer

Croatian researchers considered the antitumor action of thymoquinone and Thymoquinone in mice and found that the two phytochemicals in black seed oil can bring about 52% decrease in tumor cells! (Source)

Being rich in the two chemicals, black seed is one of a kind in that it can help avert and treat cancer through a variety of components:

  • Anti-metastasis
  • Cell cycle arrest
  • Anti-angiogenesis
  • Reactive oxygen species generation
  • Anti-proliferation

As indicated by study,

"The anti-tumor impacts of thymoquinone have additionally been researched in tumor xenograft mice models for colon, prostate, pancreatic and lung malice. The mix of thymoquinone and conventional chemotherapeutic medications could deliver more noteworthy healing impact and also weaken the harmfulness of the last mentioned."


Nigella Sativa seeds are carminative. It means they aid in digestion and may decrease gas, bloating and stomach pain. Black seed oil is often sometimes used in remedies for intestinal pests. In preliminary studies, it was also found to prevent the growth of colon cancer cells with no harmful side effects.

Black Cumin Seed oil For Weight Loss & Detox

Black cumin seed oil’s weight loss effects stem from its blood sugar reduction properties. On top of being a natural antioxidant, it also aids in improving your metabolism and reducing your appetite. It especially helps when trying to increase back control of your diet.

Black Cumin Seed oil May Eliminate Insomnia

Studies have shown that taking black cumin seed oil for insomnia and other sleep disorders can be very active. Many have confirmed that it has helped them end their sleeping disorder altogether.

Black Seed Oil for Diarrhea

Since most the runs is an after effect of viral contamination, the mitigating properties of dark seed make an ideal home solution for it. It adjusts your processing and digestion tracts, enabling your body to end up less clogged up.

Boosts Fertility

Infertility may have multiple of different sources, yet, it proves that black cumin seed oil has assisted many improve their fertility condition. For those that are suffering from infertility, they already know that black cumin seeds have improved the reproductive system of men and women for about two centuries. To date, it is still one of the best natural remedies for boosting fertility.

Not to mention, it's also proving to speed up sex-drive and can act as a natural aphrodisiac. It is potent anti-inflammatory compounds help circulate blood flow and oxygen to sex organs of both genders.

Black Seed Oil for Acne

Acne is a direct result of inflammation of the skin, which causes people to break out. With important regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, black cumin seeds are your best option for clearance of your skin and giving it a soft, healthy glow. Both Kings and Queens used throughout history for their most common skin ailments.


Black Seed Oil Conflicts

There can be issues with any vegetable or seed oil, including black cumin seed oil on the off chance that it isn't separated, handled or bundled. It can without much of a stretch go foul if any of these elements are not right and it is additionally critical that the oil preserved in a dark glass bottle, like miron glass.

What to Consider in Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black cumin seed oil is the most absorbable and concentrated frame, and from the studies, the best approach to devour black seeds. It is quite recently essential to ensure that it is a quality source and if at all possible:

  • Contain no additives or diluting oils
  • Pure pressed without chemical extraction
  • Organic
  • Protected from rancidity by high-quality light and air protective glass
  • Black cumin seed oil is a substance that contains some real ingredients that might be defensive of well-being.

    Make sure that whatsoever product you use is high caliber with harmless components. There are some other excellent choices. But, even places like Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon, where I get the more significant part of my standard fixings, don't use a unique quality glass to shield the oil from rancidity.

    Black Cumin Seed Oil: List of dosage based upon the condition and treatment

    Dosage recommendation is usually for anyone above 12 years old.




    40-80 milligrams for every kilo of black seed oil three times day by day for up to two months.


    Wipe affected zone with juice vinegar, trailed by Black seed oil three times step by step for two months.


    Half a teaspoon of black cumin seed oil with herbal tea.


    Take 2.5 milliliters of black seed oil twice every day for a month and a half.

    Hair Loss

    Stroke lemon all through the scalp and after that apply ½-1 teaspoon of black seed oil and leave in for 15 to 20 mins.


    Take one teaspoon of black seed oil with bubbled vaporized and inhaled black seed oil.

    Black Seed Oil Side Effects and Warning

    Black seed cut down blood pressure. Patients with hypoglycemia or diabetes and in those taking medication, herbs, or supplements that influence glucose should be alert (source).  A qualified health professional should check the blood glucose level, including a drug specialist Prescription changes, might be vital.

    • Drowsiness or sedation may happen. Use alert if driving or working with heavy machinery.
    • Black seed may induce growth of the heart like that caused by practice preparing, diminish heart rate, cause gastrointestinal objections (unspecified), cause constipation, or restrain uterine constrictions or conception.
    • Use in sums higher than those found in sustenance in patients with immune messes, as a result of black seed's protective effects.
    • Avoid when used in quantities higher than those found in food in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding or endeavoring to imagine. Black seed may forestall uterine constrictions and conception.
    • Avoid with a known allergy or sensitivity to black seed, its ingredients, black seed oil, or to individuals from the Ranunculaceae family.

    Final Verdict OF THIS ANCIENT super oil

    Black cumin seed oil is a fantastic food. For a long time in its ability to promote healthy life has demonstrated its utility. It isn't a panacea or a marvel medicate, only a remarkable ordinary oil. It's regarded as safe for culinary use or in similar sums close to a couple of teaspoons daily.

    It's simple to see that the number of advantages black seed oil brings to the table can overpower a few while energizing others. While you may believe it's incomprehensible for a natural herb to give such treatment to such a large number of various illnesses, what we do know is that the actualities represent themselves.


    Best Organic Maca Powder Brands 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

    Best Organic Maca Powder

    The use of Maca Root has its origins in Peru, being first documented in the XVI century. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is commonly available in the form of maca root powder and supplements. It is mainly used for enhancing fertility, sex drive and boost energy and stamina. So, what is the best organic maca powder? Let’s find out.

    What is Maca Eoot Powder?

    Maca powder is made from maca plant, scientifically known as Lepidium meyenii, also known as Peruvian ginseng. Maca is under the cruciferous vegetable category along other vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. It grows mainly in Peru at very high altitudes (above 4km). The most important part of the plant is the root itself, from which the powder is made.

    What is Maca Root Powder Used For?

    Maca root powder is widely used to increase fertility in both men and women, hormonal balance, booster for the immune system, energy, and stamina. It is also an aphrodisiac, improving sexual function in men and women too. On top of this it also sharpens your mind by enhancing memory and focus.

    What Does Maca Root Powder Taste Like?

    Most people add maca root powder to their smoothies, oatmeal, sweet treats, and even sprinkle it over salads. Some people find its taste a bit earthy and nutty. If you don’t like the taste the best way to consume it is adding it to a smoothie, you won’t tell the difference.

    What are the Health Benefits of Maca?

    Maca root is highly nutritious, contains many important vitamins and minerals that your body requires daily. 28 grams (1 ounce) of maca root powder contains the following nutrients:

    • Calories: 91
    • Carbs: 20 grams
    • Protein: 4 grams
    • Fiber: 2 grams
    • Fat: 1 gram
    • Vitamin C: 133% of the RDI
    • Copper: 85% of the RDI
    • Iron: 23% of the RDI
    • Potassium: 16% of the RDI
    • Vitamin B6: 15% of the RDI
    • Manganese: 10% of the RDI

    Bottom Line: Contains a lot of protein and carbs and nutrients, such as vitamin C, copper, and iron.

    Nutrition Facts of Maca Root Powder

    Boosts Sexual Desire in Men and Women

    Maca root has long been known as a powerful aphrodisiac. Filled with minerals such as zinc, iodine, and essential fatty acids, maca is known to balance sex hormones and increase sexual appetite. (source)

    Bottom Line: Balances sex hormones and increases libido.

    Increases Fertility

    Many people use natural medicine to improve their fertility. Maca root is one of these substances. A recent study as shown maca improved semen quality in men (either if they were infertile or fertile, see source). It also performs particularly well on women because it increases serum luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland.

    Bottom Line: Improves semen quality and increases serum luteinizing hormone in women.

    Helps with Menopause Symptoms

    Due to its hormone balancer properties, maca root powder helps normalizing many common symptoms of menopause, for example hot flashes, sleep problems, night sweats, vaginal dryness and mood swings. (source)

    Bottom Line: Alleviates common menopause symptons.

    Stabilizes Mood and Reduces Anxiety

    The natural fatty acids and flavonoids in maca root is very important for mood support and overall brain health. It is also known to reduce anxiety and even symptoms of depression.  (source, source and source)

    Bottom Line: Support mood and brain health. Also reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression.

    Boosts Energy and Maintains Bone Density

    Thanks to the vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids found in the maca root, maca powder becomes a powerful source of nutrients for supporting energy levels and aiding in injury recovery. It also maintains bone density and may help gain muscle. Maca root powder is a very popular natural supplement among cyclists, bodybuilders, and all kinds of athletes. (source, source)

    Bottom Line: Boosts energy levels, aids in injury recovery, maintains bone density and may help gain muscle.

    Improves Memory and Focus

    Maca root has been traditionally used in Peru to improve children’s school performance. (source, source, source)

    Can Maca Help You Lose Weight?

    Short answer is maybe. Maca is considered to be a thyroid stimulator. According to Mary J. Shomon, health activist and author in several books focused in thyroid disease, maca is an adaptogenic herb that can help with increasing energy in the body. Theoretically this natural stimulant can speed up metabolism, burn more calories and help with weight loss over time. However, there aren’t yet many studies to support this claim.

    Maca Root Powder Most Common Side Effects

    Many studies have proven maca root powder is a very safe natural medicine. There aren’t many reports of side effects, but some report: headache and nausea. However, maca is well tolerated by most people.

    Note: If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or taking thyroid disease prescribed medicine, you should consult your doctor before consuming maca.

    What are the Best Organic Maca Powder Brands 2017 ?

    Now we know all the benefits, uses and side effects of maca, it’s time to found what is the best maca powder and the best maca supplements currently available in the market.




    This gelatinized maca powder is one of the most efficient powders in the market and is also one of the most sold. It’s non-GMO (not genetically modified) and enhances bioavailability.

    Because it’s organic and gelatinized it is a highly absorbable powder that eliminates any digestive discomfort. It contains many adaptogenic qualities to help support hormone levels.



    • Organic and Gelatinized
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan friendly
    • Helps Support Hormone Levels
    • Most popular brand to buy
    • Strong odor and not taste so well




    Kiva hand-selects and harvests their maca roots from high elevations of the Andes Mountains of Peru.

    The plant and its roots are kept at a low-temperature and minimally processed to protect all the nutrients and flavor.It is one of the maca powders with better flavor. Great for baking, mixing with tea and coffee and blend with smoothies and shakes. 

    Kiva organic maca powder is packed with many vitamins and plant sterols, as well as essential fatty and amino acids.



    • Pure Organic product
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan friendly
    • Rich Source of Vitamins, essential fatty and amino acids
    • Tastes Good
    • Don't use if you have thyroid problems




    Mainly used by athletes or anyone looking for a supplement to support their energy levels and vitality. Energizes body and mind naturally, without the jitters and crashes of caffeine.

    It also balances hormones, stress levels in the body and aides in injury recovery. 

    Navitas Maca Powder contains several vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sterols! On top of this, Navitas maca powder is very affordable, one of the cheapest on the market.



    • Pure Organic product
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan friendly
    • Boosts Energy and Vitality
    • Very Affordable
    • Doesn't taste good




    This is one of the most bought maca powders in the market. Despite being somewhat more expensive than other maca supplements on this list,

    we had to include it due to it. Why? Because it is a high source in Protein, Fiber, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Copper, Manganese and Fatty Acids. 

    Healthworks maca powder is one of everyone’s favorite.



    • Pure Organic product
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan friendly
    • Boosts Energy and Vitality
    • Quite expensive for daily use
    • Basically maca dosen't tase so good however for me it's taste bit grassy 




    This smoothie mix is one of the best in the market for anyone looking for enhanced libido, stamina, alertness, and overall energy.

    Some users also report reduced stress levels after taking this smoothie mix. Great supplement before and after working out, that’s why it’s so popular among athletes.



    • Pure Organic product
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan friendly
    • Boosts Energy and Vitality
    • Not so pocket friendly

    What About You?

    What is your favorite maca powder? Have you ever taken or are considering any of these powders we mention? Let us know your experience in the comment section below. Have a great day Girls !

    Maca Root Powder Benefits and Side Effects – All The Facts Without The Hype

    Maca Root Powder Benefits and Side Effects

    I’m very excited about the topic I bring you today. I found this natural medicine while travelling to Peru with my family. There we were presented to Maca root, a highly beneficial natural medicine. A plant native from Peru, it is commonly available in the form of powder and as a supplement. Today I unveil what are it's benefits, usages, side effects and other common questions. I hope you find maca as useful as I did. Without further due…

    Benefits and Usages of Maca Root Powder

    Maca root powder is used to enhance fertility in men and women, stabilize hormonal balance and boost energy (Source), stamina, and the immune system. It is also a great aid to help memory and focus.

    Nutrition Facts of Maca Root Powder

    Maca root is a powerful source of nutrients, containing many vital vitamins and minerals for the human body to function properly. Just 28 grams (1 ounce) of maca powder contains:

    Nutrition Facts of Maca Root Powder
    • Calories: 91
    • Carbs: 20 grams
    • Protein: 4 grams
    • Fiber: 2 grams
    • Fat: 1 gram
    • Vitamin C: 133% of the RDI
    • Copper: 85% of the RDI
    • Iron: 23% of the RDI
    • Potassium: 16% of the RDI
    • Vitamin B6: 15% of the RDI
    • Manganese: 10% of the RDI

    Maca Root Powder Benefits

    Here Ilisted how maca may be able to benefit both men and women

    An Aphrodisiac and Fertility Booster 

    Maca root as long been used as an aphrodisiac, known to balance sex hormones and enhance libido (sexual desire). It also improves fertility by improving quality of the semen and increases serum luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland for women.

    Alleviates Menopause Symptoms

    Many women experience hot flashes, sleep problems, night sweats, vaginal dryness and mood swings while on their period. Fortunately, thanks to its hormone balancer properties, this natural medicine does wonders alleviating these common symptoms. 

    Mood Support

    Maca root is commonly used to stabilize mood and reduce anxiety. Thanks to the natural fatty acids and flavonoids, it supports mood and overall brain health. Some people also report being helpful for depression.

    Energy Booster

    Some athletes use maca supplements has part of their diet. This is due to the highly nutrients characteristics of the plant. It is an energy natural booster to help in training and to aid in injury recovery. On top of this, it may also maintain bone density and help gain muscle (popular herb among bodybuilders).

    What Are The Side Effects Of Maca Root Powder ?

    Studies have continuously proven maca root powder is a safe natural medicine with practically no side effects (taken in the recommended dosages) (Source) . Some users report headache, nausea, and insomnia. Less than 5% of maca users have reported such side effects, most being temporary. However, if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or consuming any kind of thyroid disease prescribed medicine you must consult your doctor before taking maca in any form.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Maca Root Powder

    Let me answer some of your most commonly asked questions about maca root powder.

    How to Consume Maca Powder?

    There are many ways to take maca powder. Most people prefer to add it to their smoothies together with other supplements or even in a milkshake. Those who don’t enjoy drinking smoothies or milkshakes normally add the powder to an oatmeal or sweet treat. It is also very common to just sprinkle it over salads during lunch or dinner

    What is the Most Effective Way to Consume it?

    The most effective way to consume maca powder is mixing it with water and take it in the morning 15 minutes before eating breakfast. The body will absorb it quicker more thoroughly.

    How Does Maca Taste Like ?

    It depends on the brand. However, practically all types of maca powder and supplements taste a bit earthy and nutty. It doesn’t have a strong flavor, but as previously mentioned, it depends on the brand. Nonetheless, it is not sweet.

    Can Maca Help You Lose Weight?

    Be honest,there aren’t studies to support it. However, theoretically, because maca is a natural stimulant it may speed up metabolism, thus burning more calories and therefore help with weight loss on the long run.

    Is Maca Safe for Children?

    Best you should consult your Dr first , however I use small dosages (1/8-1/4 tsp to start).

    Is Maca Safe for Diabetics?

    Maca contains a very small dosage of sugar, it is low on the glycemic index and safe for diabetics. However, it’s advisable to talk to a doctor first.

    Are There any Official Studies Around Maca Usage?

    Yes. Over 400 studies of Maca are currently indexed on PubMed, the National Library of Medicine. Other Maca research has also been published particularly in Peru (maca place of origin).

    Final Verdict On This Superfood

    Mostly used as an aphrodisiac and energy booster, Maca Root is highly beneficial and a great supplement to any diet. It doesn’t have a strong flavor and is therefore easy to consume. It is very rare for users to report any kind of side effects, but it may occur. Overall, it is one of the best and most common natural medicines available in the market.

    10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Moringa Oleifera (5’th one is great)

    Health Benefits Of Moringa
    Health Benefits Of Moringa

    Would you like to improve your health by doing a very simple thing every day? Then you need to start drinking moringa because amazing health benefits of Moringa Oleifera will leave you in awe!

    I know that there are many products and supplements that promise you the same, but I can guarantee you that if you give this a try, then you will be glad you did!

    But first let’s check what this really is.

    What Is Moringa?

    It comes under different names: the Vitamin Tree, The Never Die Tree, Arbol De Las Perlas, etc. This plant is native to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Although, it is also cultivated in the tropics.

    The leaves, fruits, bark, roots and seeds of this tree have been used for medicine for hundreds of years and it has been used to treat a wide myriad of ailments and even for increasing sex drive and as a germ killer.

    The leaves are used like spinach and kale, but at the same time they are also dried up and powdered and sold as stand-alone supplements or as a component in stacks.

    moringa leaf powder

    moringa leaf powder

    Without anything more to add.... 

    let’s explore health benefits of Moringa Oleifera

    This super food & See What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Moringa Everyday!

    Moringa Will Make Your Brain Powerful and Healthy:

    This herb offers a wide myriad of benefits and it includes boosting your brain power and keeping it healthy. Many persons are afraid of Alzheimer and with a good reason, but what if I told you that drinking moringa every day can put that problem away? According to this study, the treatment of this disease using this herb has shown excellent results so far now.

    The brain-boosting properties of this herb are largely due to the great concentration of nutrients it contains. One of the keys to boost and main brain performance is to prevent neuron degeneration, which is a side effect of aging, however thanks to containing vitamin C and E it will help you to accomplish so.

    Vitamin C is known for reducing stress and keeping cortisol under control, and you will find it in optimal quantities in moringa. And yes, it has been proven by a study.

    All in all, if you want to take your brain performance to the next level, then you should give this wonderful herb a try.

    Moringa Will Bring You a Real Punch of Nutrients:

    Not in vain this herb is considered a real super food, because you just need to take a look at how many nutrients it contains!

    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin K
    • B-complex Vitamins
    • Arginine
    • Potassium
    • Calcium
    • Campesterol
    • Alanine

    And more. It is also important to note that it is an incredible source of minerals. So, in conclusion, if you want to feed your body with all the nutrients and minerals it needs to work at its max, then you should give this super food a try!

    Moringa Oleifera will Protect You From Free Radicals:

    Did you know that moringa is rich in antioxidants? You will be happy to know that you will find plenty of them in this herb and they will help you to reduce inflammation and protect your cells from oxidation and damage.

    Free radicals can cause much damage to your body, but hopefully, moringa is loaded with powerful antioxidants that will stop them on their tracks. You have this study that proves that Moringa oleifera leaves have a strong antioxidant action, so what other reason do you need to start using it?

    Moringa Will Help You to Prevent Diabetes:

    Diabetes is one of the biggest health problems nowadays, and it is largely due to a bad diet and sedentary life. However, moringa comes to the rescue because it is capable of reducing blood glucose level, and here is a study that proves it.

    Even though ​moringa health benefits are incredible, you still need to remember that your diet plays a determinant role, because if it is not optimal, then this disease will keep evolving. But drinking the powder of this herb every day and following a diet will yield you excellent results.

    Moreover, it is important to note that due to the high concentration of Vitamin C it will help your body to produce more nitric oxide, which as a consequence will make sure that your blood vessels work normally, something that will help you to prevent diabetic cataracts.

    And finally it is important to note that moringa leaf contains b-complex vitamins, which are effective in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. Therefore, if you are suffering of this problem, you should give this a try.

    Moringa Oleifera Can Reduce Your Inflammation:

    You probably know about the negative consequences of inflammation because it can affect any tissue in your body and it can lead to several health problems like loss of memory, heart disease and even develop cancer. Therefore, it is important to keep inflammation and stress under strict control, and moringa has proven to be highly effective for this purpose.

    And yes, it has been proven by science and this study is the perfect example. It was proven that this plant has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in treatments for this specific condition.

    Therefore, if you are struggling with inflammation and want to keep it away from your life, then drinking moringa every day will help you to accomplish so.

    Moringa Oleifera Will Improve Your Cardiovascular Health:

    Did you know that over 600 thousand persons die of heart disease in the United States of America? (source)That’s a very worrying number that is increasing year by year and many other countries are not strangers to this situation.

    Fortunately, moringa can be of great help with this problem and it is due to the following reasons:

    • It contains a high concentration of potassium, which will decrease your blood pressure and keep it under normal levels
    • It is rich in Vitamin E, Zinc and Magnesium and therefore it will relax your blood vessels, something that is critical for maintaining an optimal cardiovascular health
    • It has cardio protective properties, and you can read more about this in this publication: (source)

    All in all, if you want to improve your cardiovascular health then you will do well if you start drinking moringa every day. But don’t forget to check out your diet, because if you don’t eat healthy food, then not even moringa will be able to help you.

    Moringa Oleifera Will Make Your Skin Beautiful and Healthy:

    If you are looking to bring your skin a more beautiful and healthy look, then this herb may be what you need.

    For example, if you are struggling with acne, then you will be happy to know that this plant has been used effectively against this problem. In this conclusion of this study they found out that Moringa oleifera can be effective in the treatment of acne rosocca, acne vulgaris, acne tarda and others.

    It is great for nourishing your skin thanks to its great content of fatty acids, B-complex vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and many minerals that will bring your skin an excellent look and keep it healthy.

    Moreover, as it is packed with powerful antioxidants it will help you to combat aging, and hence, keep your skin looking younger for longer.

    Moringa Oleifera may Protect You Against Disease:

    If you want to keep diseases away from your life, then you need to improve your immunity, and fortunately, moringa is the super food that will help you to accomplish so.

    But how does it work? Well, in order to understand it we need to talk about the contents of this food. We’ve already seen how it help you to improve your cardiovascular health, in the treatment of diabetes (and its prevention), reduce inflammation and boost your brain performance. However, it can also boost your immune system.

    There are 5 elements that are the responsible of this wonderful effect

    • Protein
    • Zinc
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E

    Moringa is very rich in protein, and therefore, it will boost your immune system. How so? Because it is important to remember that this biomolecule is the skeleton of your immune system, and hence, you need to consume it in the right quantities and this herb will help you to do it.

    Zinc is helpful because it is the responsible of regulating the functions of your immune system. You will find it in a decent quantity in moringa leaves.

    On the other hand we have Vitamin A, which is the responsible of regulating the defense mechanism of your body. It is also known for keeping infections at bay, so that’s a huge plus.

    Then you have Vitamin C, which aids the body in the formation of antibodies that play a decisive role. And for the record: moringa contains x7 times more vitamin C than oranges.

    And finally we have Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties and therefore fights free radicals, something that will strengthen your immune system.

    All in all, as you can see, this plant is an immunity-boosting bomb! So, you definitively need to try it, because consuming it every day will keep disease away from your life.

    Moringa Oleifera Will Fill You With Energy:

    Do you feel without energy? Would you like to change this situation? Then moringa may be that key you need to unlock your true potential, and no, it is not like drinking coffee. It is a completely different effect and experience.

    Again, the answer for this energy boost resides in the high concentration of key nutrients like B-complex vitamins, potassium and magnesium which will increase your concentration and focus levels.

    Therefore, if you want to give your energy levels a pretty good boost, then you should give this a try. You will feel full of energy and ready for accomplishing all of your goals!

    Moringa Oleifera Will Make You Happier:

    If you want to improve your mood and feel happier thorough the day, then you should know that it can help you to do so.

    But how does it do it? If you remember, moringa is rich in protein, and at the same time, it is a magnificent source of tryptophan, which is an amino-acid that is beneficial for your neurotransmitter functions, something that boosts the production of serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel so happy and encouraged.

    Furthermore, it is important to remember that it is rich in other nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants which are beneficial for your thyroid health, which as a return helps you to overcome depression and keep your mood in a good state.

    Are There Any Side Effects of Moringa Oleifera ?

    Not everything is a bed of roses as there are certain side effects to take into account.

    If you are pregnant then you shouldn’t use the bark, flowers or root of moringa as there’s a risk of miscarriage due to the chemicals present in these parts of the tree.

    All in all the root should be avoided, because the chemicals present in it can be conflictive. That’s why the best thing you can do is to consume the leaves either in their natural form or powdered.

    Moreover, it can also cause problems with fertility and not in vain it has been used for avoiding pregnancy.

    And finally overdosing with moringa is possible and can be very toxic. Then how much to consume? Well, between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon daily seems to work best.

    Conclusion and Final Words:

    As you can see drinking moringa every day offers a wide myriad of benefits. It is a real super food that can change your life, so by all means you should give it a try!

    Moreover, if you have any question or doubt don’t hesitate to post it below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


    Best Organic Moringa Powder Supplements 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

    Best Organic Moringa Powder Supplements 2017

    Moringa benefits have proven throughout history to be one of the best natural sources of health and vitality.

    Hello fellow health lovers! Today I unravel one of nature’s biggest gifts. We bring you the best organic moringa powder supplements available in the market.

    Moringa has been used for centuries, various societies throughout history realized its benefits and passed it through generations of folk medicine. Also known as the ‘Miracle Tree’ or “Ben Oil Tree”, Moringa Oleifera has been getting a lot of praise in the last years, as the world learned about its amazing benefits. It is now one of the most important and sought herbals supplements in the health market.

    Fun Fact: In 2008, the National Institute of Health called moringa oleifera the “plant of the year,”

    The ‘Miracle’ Tree

    Luckily, ever since I was a little kid, my grandma used to cultivate this tree in her back garden, my brother and I have always been encouraged to include moringa in our daily diet. Ever since, I advise all my friends to take moringa supplements, I experienced firsthand how this herb can enhance someone’s health and prevent a lot of issues.

    In the last years, as society seemed to catch on the benefits of organic moringa powder supplements, it has become a widely popular medicinal herb. Today, I’ll pass down all my knowledge, as well as my supplement recommendations to you.

    What is the Moringa Oleifera Tree?

    The Moringa Oleifera Tree grows in tropical and arid areas. The first records of people using this medicinal remedy come from the Indian subcontinent around 2000 BC. It started being used in India and Egypt as a natural sunscreen to protect the skin of the tough environments in both India and Egypt.

    Taking Moringa oliefera plants for planting out

    Quickly big empires, such as Greece and Rome caught on the benefits of the plant and started commercializing it as an ointment and perfume. Soon became known in Southeast Asia and the Philippines where it played an important role in the local diet due to its nutritional qualities.

    Throughout history it has been used in over 300 different health circumstances. For example, commonly used for: skin blemishes, asthma, heart disease, ulcers, high blood pressure and even tuberculosis.

    You should know: It is the second plant in the world with the highest growth rate, bamboo being the first.

    What are the Benefits of Organic Moringa Powder ?

    There are rare circumstances in which the entirety of the plant brings benefits to our health. Moringa is one of those rare herbs. Everything on Moringa tree is useful, leaves, seed pods, seed pod oil, and roots of the tree, all finds use in a medicinal and nutritional capacity. That is why you will find different kinds of formulas and supplements.



    Rich Source of Nutrients, Antioxidants, and Anti-Inflammatory

    Moringa is a powerful source of various antioxidants and nutrients (source). Among its many nutrients we can find: protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, and riboflavin B2. On top of this, some studies have shown moringa also increases concentration and mental focus, boosts energy, increases stamina, helps with weight loss, and helps with emotional balance.

    As previously mentioned, moringa is an antioxidant rich herb. Besides vitamin C and beta-carotene, moringa contains quercetin and chlorogenic acid. Quercetin helps lower blood pressure, while chlorogenic acid helps the balance blood sugar levels. Besides its antioxidant properties, some studies also show moringa is also extremely useful in fighting inflammation, including heart diseases, and lowering cholesterol.

    Did You Know ?  According to Kuli Kuli Foods (a moringa company founded in 2011), the herb has: 2 times more the protein found in yogurt, 4 times the vitamin A found in carrots, 3 times the amount of potassium found in bananas, 4 times the calcium in cow’s milk and 7 times the vitamin C in oranges.

    Moringa is a Life Saver in Brazil

    In Brazil people are encouraged to use moringa seeds to cleanse and purify the water. This is due to the high rate of population in Brazilian waters. A study shows Around 50.000 children die in Brazil every year due to the poor quality of the drinking water which causes severe cases of ‘diarrhea’. Non-profit organizations in Brazil have for years promoted and taught the use of Moringa. When the grinded seeds are mixed with the water, they clean up to 98% of the toxins. Thus, making it suitable for consumption.

    Moringa Powder, Tea, and Seeds

    As I already mentioned, the whole moringa plant is useful for natural medicine. We can get the most out of this plant by taking supplements either in the form of power, tea and seeds.

    • Moringa Powder- Powder is one of the most efficient and popular forms of moringa. It contains a beneficial mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. It increases mental focus, boosts energy, stabilizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels, anemia, arthritis, diabetes, diarrhea, among many other benefits. An interesting fact about moringa power is it can be a great healthier alternative to coffee.
    • Moringa Seeds- These seeds are well-known for their wide range of health benefits. They help lower blood pressure and sugar levels, boost energy, aid the digestive system and cardiovascular system. It also helps people having trouble sleeping well.

    Best Organic Moringa Powder & Suplements Brands 2017 

    Now that you have a clearer picture on the history and benefits of this herb, let’s move on to our best moringa supplement review. As always, I want you to be fully informed and make the correct choice that most benefits your health.

    Packed with over 90 different types of ingredients, this powder comes from a farm in the Himalayan foothills where the plants are dry with the sun, no freeze or heat dry. Very organic, its numerous compounds include 20+ types of amino acids, 40+ antioxidants, 35+ anti-inflammatory compounds, key vitamins, minerals, protein, Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils and phytonutrients.​

    It is a highly notorious moringa supplement. Has been part of my diet for years. I mix it with my milkshake every morning, half a spoon or a full spoon will be enough.

    My brother’s wife also takes it because he’s anemic, it’s an essential supplement to its treatment, one I would recommend to anyone facing the same issue.



    • Over 90 essential ingredients
    • Dried in the sun
    • Grown in small organic farms
    • Rich in vitamines
    • Enhances mental focus
    • USDA Organic Certified
    • Nausea in very rare cases

    ​This powder contains 93 essential nutrients and minerals, it is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and protein and fiber. It is the perfect fit to any athlete as it will boost energy levels and increase vitality, many football players and professional runners are using it has a supplement in their diet.

    Studies also show it improves flexibility and enhances the immune system. If you are an athlete, or practice regular exercise, this moringa powder is a must have.

    Mix it in the milkshake or sprinkle some powder on top of your salads after training and you got yourself an amazing source of energy and optimal health.



    • 93 essential ingredients
    • Boosts Energy
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Rich in vitamines
    • USDA Organic Certified
    • Expensive

    Making tea is also an amazing form of consuming moringa. I’ve chosen Global Moringa tea because it’s a great nutritious tea grown in Ghana. Completely organic and natural, it’s a great replacement to coffee.

    Combats fatigue and helps recover from hard workouts (great supplement if you go to the gym). 100% pure, non-GMO and pesticide free. 



    • Grown in Ghana
    • Boosts Energy
    • Boosts Mental Health
    • USDA Organic Certified
    • Powder contains more compounds and nutrients
    • Tastes a bit earthy

    If you are looking for a high source of nutrients you will be very pleased with these capsules. It packs all you need for a continuous full body support: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, amino acids, and protein.

    It’s a great moringa supplement for those seeking a boost in vitality, stamina, clarity and focus. It’s a vegan product not genetically modified and gluten free.



    • Full Body Support
    • Boosts Energy
    • Enhances Focus
    • Green Capsules
    • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
    • Not evaluated by the FDA.

    If you are having problems processing (digesting) food this are the capsules you should be taking. Royal Life essentials moringa supplement contains the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids to improve your body digestion.

    Take 1 capsule before or after every meal and you will soon feel improvements in both digestion and metabolism. 100% natural and not genetically modified.

    It is manufactured by a widely known moringa brand but it’s slightly more expensive than other supplements on this list.



    • Over 90 essential ingredients
    • Balances Metabolism
    • Promotes Digestion
    • Rich in vitamines and antioxidants
    • USDA Organic Certified
    • Not the most affordable product

    This highly efficient powder is 100% organic and hand harvested from a single source farm. It’s a great choice if you are looking for moringa in this form. It contains over twenty types of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

    It is also a rich source of potassium, calcium, and iron. It is vegan and not genetically modified. You can add it to a smoothie, milkshake, or even mix it with water, tea or sprinkle it over salads.

    I would recommend adding it to salads, since it has a very strong flavor and may be hard to drink.



    • Rich Soure of Potassium, Calcium and Iron
    • Hand Harvested
    • Produce in a Single Farm
    • USDA Organic Certified
    • Doesn't taste good